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Bruce Jenner Finally A Woman--The Surgery Happened In An Empty Building!

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Credit: Getty

Not only does he feel like a woman, he is one!

When About Bruce Part 1 and 2 aired, Kim Kardashian questioned Bruce about when the surgery might take place, but Bruce didn’t have a plan in place. That’s until now.

Bruce Jenner finally underwent full gender reassignment “over three weeks ago,” reported, and can legally be called a woman after his 8-hour surgery.

“The procedure involved reshaping Bruce’s male genitalia into that of a woman. He was very happy with the results, but didn’t realize how grueling the recovery would be,” a source told Radar.

“In the immediate aftermath, Bruce thought he had a urinary tract infection, but it was simply the pain from the procedure,” adds the source.

But that’s not all. A source tells Radar that the surgery happened after hours in an empty Beverly Hills clinic. And great lengths went into the whole plan of secrecy.

“Nothing was left to chance, and Bruce arrived in the backseat of an SUV, and left hours later the same way,” a source tells Radar.

But why was he being so secretive after being open about becoming a woman during About Bruce and with Diane Sawyer?

It all rooted back to last year when Bruce had his Adam’s Apple removed and photographers caught him in the crossfire. But this time, it looks like he had the perfect plan.