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'About Bruce' Part 2 – Will Bruce Jenner Remove 'The Little Thing Down There?'

EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Jenner does his early morning coffee run.

Credit: Splash

In Part 2 of KUWTK About Bruce, the Kardashian girls continued to explore their feelings about the upcoming transition of their father, Bruce Jenner, from male to female, while they also began to focus on what it will be like to meet ‘her.’ In doing so, they realize their strong emotions stem from the fact that they are actually mourning Bruce, as they know him. The episode opens with an important and telling quote: “Families of trans people often feel like they need to grieve the loss of the person they thought they knew.” And grieve they do, vacillating between all the stages, from denial to anger, bargaining to sadness, and finally, acceptance.

During a sit down with the former Olympian and his daughters, the technical questions begin. Kourtney asked if Bruce has decided on a particular day to begin dressing like a woman daily, and he tells her he’s going to play it by ear – that the emergence of ‘her’ is not set in stone.

Kim inquired whether there is an appointment made yet to have Bruce’s penis removed or, as Bruce referred to it, ‘the little thing down there.’ As of now, he has not. The most famous Kardashian had even more questions she wanted answered, including gems like, was he ever secretly grossed out by sex with her mom Kris Jenner? Bruce says no, especially since he still enjoys sex with women. But does that makes him a lesbian now? Bruce says ‘no.’ Kim questioned if he’d ever envied her mom for all of her beautiful clothes and womanliness, and Bruce agreed that he did.

The clan jokingly decided on a new nickname for their long-haired papa – they would call him ‘MAD’ once he transitions – a combination of mom and dad, and also because he’s a little bit crazy.

Next Bruce took some time to talk with Scott Disick. They both agreed that they haven’t been all that close over the years, and Kourtney’s baby daddy was still puzzled by that fact that he had absolutely no clue what was going on, despite the fact that the girls had been harboring their own semblance of this secret for years. But because Bruce was often angry and quick to retreat, Scott always knew he was hiding something. He just never imagined in his wildest dreams that it was anything like this. Scott’s main curiosity was whether the 65-year-old former athlete would still be into all the guy stuff he loves, and be more of a ‘butchy’ girl, to which he maintained that he would.

Ultimately, Disick was surprisingly supportive and he wholeheartedly commended Jenner – not only for courageously embarking on this next phase of his life, but for the sheer inspiration he’s going to be to the transgender community by staying true to himself and forging ahead, despite being known as the ultimate manly-man and greatest male athlete of all time.

Next came Bruce’s discussion with Kris – the one he’d been putting off the longest. He opened by reminding her that he cherishes the 23 years full of wonderful moments they’ve shared and that he still loves her. He said those memories will always live inside of him. The 59-year-old matriarch’s response was the expected stream of tears, but she was also confused, citing the fact that his constant anger over the last five years is what drove them apart. That, and he lied to her every day, claiming to be oblivious as to the source of his constant frustration and anguish. Kris went on to say that while she did know he liked to dress as a woman from time to time, she “never saw this coming in a gazillion years.” While insisting that he never wanted to hurt his ex-wife, he still wants them to be a big part of each others lives going forward. Bruce also reiterated that he’s ready to be happy and start living his truth because he doesn’t want to die with regret.

Wrapping up the episode, Kim visited Bruce’s Malibu home to help him with his wardrobe. She gave the green light to a few of his lady outfits, while nixing others – like his long tight leopard dress. He was jovial and playful during the visit, going through his makeup and shoes with his stylish daughter, revealing that he loves how he feels when he is ‘her.’

“She is always more fun, more at ease and confident – like ‘Bruce with a little icing on the cake,” Bruce said.

Next week on KUWTK: the entire family takes a ski trip together.