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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa and Joe Giudice Ratted Out By a Family Member?!

Teresa Giudice Prison

Credit: Picture by: Ron Asadorian / Splash News

Days after her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, was sentenced to 15 months in prison, Melissa Gorga solemnly blogged, “We are heartbroken for our family and especially those four sweet girls. Pray for them. No matter how you feel, I hope everyone is wishing their family strength and faith.” But those words are now a smack of crocodile tears, because in a shocking new revelation, a source close to the case tells Star that it was none other than Melissa’s husband — Teresa’s own brother — Joe Gorga, who ratted the Giudices out to the feds in the first place — and Melissa knew all about it!

When filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey began in 2008, Teresa and Joe Giudice were the stars of the show, with Joe Gorga and his wife as little more than extras. “The Gorgas felt like Teresa didn’t give them camera time and ignored them, which she did do,” says the source. “The way she explained it was that the cameras weren’t interested in the Gorgas.”

According to the source, the truth is that the Giudices weren’t interested in sharing the spotlight — and the money it brought — with family rivals, which infuriated the Gorgas. So, in a moment of envy, Joe made a call to the authorities. “Gorga ratted Giudice out on all the things he was doing illegally,” the source reveals. “The Gorgas are the reason the Giudices have gone to prison.”

But when Joe Gorga realized his sister faced incarceration, he immediately had regrets. “He didn’t think Teresa would ever go to prison,” the insider explains. “He wanted to rat Joe Giudice out, but not Teresa. It backfired.”

The Giudices didn’t find out about the betrayal until just a few months ago, when federal agents paid them a visit. According to the source, the agents warned the couple they were facing even more prison time — this time for tax evasion — unless they cooperated on an investigation into another couple they suspected of tax evasion and fraud — Melissa and Joe Gorga.

“The feds approached the Giudices and said, ‘Your own brother ratted you out. It’s time for you to rat him out.'” the insider says. “Soe the Giudices ratted on the Gorgas. They made a deal to turn in info on the Gorgas in exchange for less time on the pending new charges — and the possibility that the new charges would be dropped altogether.”

According to the source, the Gorgas know full well that the Giudices betrayed them, and while they’re acting like everything is normal, they’re secretly “scared to death.”


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