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Major Beef

Kanye West Slams Drake, Nick Cannon & Tyson Beckford In New Rant

The rapper is pissed they keep talking about Kim Kardashian!

Kanye West is fed up with men talking about his wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper took to his Instagram account to lash out at Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Beckford for their comment about the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Watch the clip above for a taste of what he had to say.

Yeezy started with Nick, 37, who last month said in an interview that Drake’s “In My Feelings” was really about how he had an affair with Kim.

I want to address Nick Cannon,” the 41-year-old said. “I understand that you used to date my wife but when you giving an interview and someone mentions my wife or brings my wife up you say, ‘I respect that man I am not speaking on that.’ Don’t be making suggestions like nobody f—d my wife.”

Then he turned to Drake, 31. “If I wasn’t in a medicated state I might have had the thought to say, ‘Hey Pusha don’t diss Drake on my beat.’ I spoke about that and took accountability for that.” He apologized to Drake on Twitter earlier this month, though said he wasn’t the one who told Pusha-T about Drake’s secret son Adonis.

Kanye said, “Now what I am looking for spirit to take accountability is the fact that it’s people making rumors that are saying you f—d my wife, well that don’t sit well with my spirit. If I had a girlfriend from Chicago and her name was Rinita and you was married to Rihanna  I wouldn’t make a song called Riri.

Drake’s “In My Feelings” is a love song to a mysterious “KiKi,” and Kanye thinks that because that’s the reality star’s nickname, it was out of line for Drake to write it at all.

So when you were like ‘Aw I don’t know where it come from,’ you too smart for that bro. You know where that come from,” he explained. He then reiterated that he wasn’t the one who spilled the beans about Drake’s love child.

The “Jesus Walks” rapper also revealed that one of Drake’s songs originally had a lyric that said, “We got some Kylies, we got some Kendalls,” but that Kanye convinced him to drop it because Travis Scott would be offended. 

Don’t speak on nothing from my family and nothing that could even be mentioned with my wife. Period. We don’t have to talk again. I’m not giving no energy to that,” he concluded.

Then he turned to Tyson, who said in an Instagram comment that Kim’s hips are crooked.

Kanye said, “As far as Tyson Beckford go, don’t speak on my wife. Period. What is you talking about? We are married. We are in love and we are a family.” 

The “Runaway” rapper urged all three men to come talk to him about it.

“It just don’t sit right with me and I have to express that with you. Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford. All that just isn’t sitting right with me,” he finally finished in the fourth video.

Do you think Kanye is right to lash out at Drake, Nick, and Tyson? Sound off in the comments!