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Paternity Nightmare

Khloe Kardashian Desperate To Know The Truth: Is O.J. Simpson Her Dad?

A source claims she begged him to take a DNA test!

KHLOÉ Kardashian has spent years laughing off what she called an urban legend: that 
O.J. Simpson was her real 
father. But behind closed doors — and prison bars — the reality-TV star has been desperate 
to know the truth! A source at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center, where Simpson had been serving nine years of a 33-year sentence for the armed robbery and assault of two Las Vegas sports memorabilia dealers, in 2007, has claimed the famous inmate would field calls from Khloé “at least once a week” while he was incarcerated. And during one call, the source claimed to have overheard a “screaming” Khloé begging O.J. to take a DNA test to prove whether she is his daughter! The source added that prison officials had given their permission for the DNA test to take place, saying: “It’s just a quick mouth swab [that could] ­happen during a visit… Khloé would [have] to go there and talk to him. [O.J.] wants to talk to her about some other things, too, but more important, he [also] wants to know if she is his daughter.”
And now that the 70-year-old disgraced football icon was granted parole during a July 20 hearing with Nevada authorities, Khloé can move forward with her plans to find out if O.J. is indeed her real dad — and they won’t have to begin the process inside a prison. “Khloé is ready to have the paternity question answered,” says a source. “And above all, to have a father figure in her life.”
Rumors have persisted that Khloé, 33, could be O.J.’s offspring. Her mom, Kris Jenner, had long been suspected of ­having had an affair with family friend Simpson years before he was accused — and acquitted — of the June 1994 murders of Kris’ close galpal, O.J.’s wife, ­Nicole Brown Simpson, and ­Nicole’s friend Ronald Goldman. As well, an insider tells Star, “Many people close to the Kardashians have felt for years that Khloé looked far more like O.J.’s daughter, Sydney Simpson, [now 31], than her own sisters.”
Even two of her late dad Robert ­Kardashian’s wives, Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian, both claimed Robert had questioned whether Khloé was his biological daughter before his death from cancer, in 2003.
According to Nevada guidelines in his case, Simpson will be released on parole as early as Oct. 1. After that, says the source, “The time will have come for Khloé to get some closure.
“She had reached the mind-set where she wanted the paternity test to happen as soon as possible, no matter what O.J.’s status was, going forward. Now that he’ll be a free man, it’s like fate stepped in to make it easier for them to connect. And I believe she’d be filled with forgiveness — and welcome a chance for them both to heal — should O.J. turn out to be her real dad.”