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O.J.'s Murder Weapon Revealed? Simpson Never Discarded Knife!

'National ENQUIRER Investigates' uncovers key details about the fateful blade.

Oj simpson murder knife national enquirer investigates star

O.J. Simpson‘s fears about the Nicole Brown Simpson murder weapon being found have exploded since new evidence has been uncovered about that fateful night, and the National Enquirer Investigates documentary show on REELZ Channel is revealing the never-before-seen details about the knife.

Sitting in a Las Vegas jail for a lengthy sentence, Simpson reportedly believes his days are numbered. So he is pleading with lawyer friends to get him released and even appealed to President Barack Obama for a pardon. But any thoughts that Simpson might be feeling a sense of remorse for the tragic fate of Nicole and Ron were dispelled by The ENQUIRER‘s revelation from key sources that he never discarded the knife he used in the murders.

It’s long been speculated that shortly after the June 12, 1994, killings, Simpson dumped the weapon in a trash bin at LAX before boarding a flight to Chicago, and that the knife wound up buried in a Los Angeles landfill. Other reports suggest that it was disposed of in a park near the Howard Johnson O’Hare Plaza Hotel, where Simpson stayed in Chicago.

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But “that isn’t the truth,” the insider maintained. “Those claims were just red herrings.”

Based on forensic evidence, prosecutors at his trial said the murder weapon was likely a German-made stiletto with a bronze heel and a blade that measured more than six inches long, with two sharp edges that tapered to a point.

More than 20 years after the murders, the discovery of a knife on Simpson’s property earlier this year blew open the investigation again.

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LAPD insiders told Radar that the knife surfaced by way of a retired cop, who had come in possession of the knife in 1998, when it was found during the construction on Simpson’s Rockingham mansion. The home had been seized by the bank the year before.

“Absolutely no way this is the knife!” Mike Gilbert, Simpson’s former agent told Radar exclusively.

“There is NO way O.J. would have left the knife there,” Gilbert, a close friend of Simpson for decades, said. “He would have told me to go and get it. He would have drawn me a map and told me where it was. He would have been so afraid while he was in jail that the LAPD would have gotten another search warrant and found it. He couldn’t have dealt with the stress of it being there. And he would have gotten rid of it after he got out.”

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It was never found. But the insider told Radar that Simpson was trying to negotiate a $5 million deal to sell the knife to a wealthy collector. It was not, said the source, because Simpson needed the money. Rather, it was because he wanted to put one over on Fred Goldman, the father of Ronald who has made it his life’s work to collect every penny possible from the $33.5 million civil judgment against Simpson.

Hear more bombshell revelations from Gilbert as The National ENQUIRER exposes the real story behind Hollywood’s wildest scandals and sensational crimes, in National Enquirer Investigates! This week, find out if O.J. Simpson really killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Saturday night at 9 ET/PT on REELZ Channel.