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10 Celebrity Arrests of 2014

They’re bad to the bone! 2014 hasn’t been the best year for the following celebrities, who were all arrested at some point throughout the last 12 months. Check out our recap the year’s celeb criminals and find out where they’re at today:

10. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Arrest

Picture by: MDTA / Splash News

Here’s someone who didn’t learn from their past mistakes! Ten years after his 2004 DUI arrest, the Olympic gold medalist was once again arrested and charged for driving under the influence in September. He was suspended by USA Swimming for six months, and will not be able to compete in any USA Swimming-sanctioned meets until April 6, 2015. Michael also announced that he’s attending an inpatient rehab program.

The arrest came at a bad time for the swimmer, who was planning a comeback following his retirement after the 2012 London Olympics. No word yet on what this means for his chances at competing in the 2016 games.

9. Andy Dick

Andy Dick Arrest

Picture by: Diabolik / Splash News

Andy’s criminal record is certainly no laughing matter! The comedian was taken into custody in November for grand theft, after he allegedly stole a man’s necklace while riding his bike on Hollywood Blvd. He initially ran off after committing the crime, but police found him near his apartment just a few days later and arrested him.

8. Chris Pine

Chris Pine Arrest

Picture by: James Higgins / Splash News

Captain Kirk would not approve! While filming a movie in New Zealand in March, Chris was charged with DUI after failing a roadside breathalyzer test. He pled guilty, and was banned from driving in New Zealand for six months, while also having to pay a small fine.

7. Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams Arrest

Picture by: Fulton County/ Splash News

It was the reunion show battle heard ’round the world, when Porsha and her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate, Kenya Moore, got into a physical fight while taping their Season 6 special in March. Porsha finally turned herself in and was quickly released on minor misdemeanor and battery charges. She paid a $2,000 bail.

But, don’t worry — the reality star made sure to glam it up before getting her mugshot (above)!

6. Columbus Short

Columbus Short Arrest

Picture by: Splash News

Fans of Scandal may notice one very important character missing this season — Harrison! Unfortunately, Columbus Short, who plays the Pope and Associates employee, had a lot of other things to deal with this year.

Early in the year, the actor was arrested for multiple instances of violent behavior, including domestic abuse. He was supposed to appear in court for the domestic violence case over the summer, but missed his hearing, and was once again taken into custody in August when he finally turned himself in.

Coincidentally, on the same August day Columbus was arrested for the domestic abuse, he was also supposed to appear in court for public intoxication and a bar fight, which occurred in July.

5. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Arrest

Picture by: @JDH Imagez / Splash News

Alec is no stranger to controversial situations, but the reason for his May 2014 arrest is fairly tame compared to some other incidents he’s been part of! The actor was caught riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue in New York City, and reportedly got a little angry when asked to provide identification, which he didn’t have.

4. Chris Brown

Chris Brown Arrest

Photo Credit:

While in anger management for a 2013 assault case, Chris found himself in a whole new mess of trouble. The singer was kicked out of rehab in March after violating three of the center’s rules, and because the treatment was required of him, he was arrested and jailed for one month.

Jail time was added to his sentence, though, when it was determined that the 2013 assault case violated Chris’ probation that stemmed from his 2009 domestic abuse of Rihanna. He was eventually released in June, but is currently still completing court-mandated community service hours.

3. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf Arrest

Picture by: Butterworth / Splash News

If you saw Shia today, you might not believe he’s the same person as the guy who got arrested earlier this year! After months of exhibiting strange behavior, the former Disney star officially went over the edge in June, when he drunkenly attended a showing of Cabaret on Broadway and became disruptive during the performance.

Shia was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass and spent 25 hours in jail, which, he later admitted, finally set him straight. The actor got treatment for alcohol addiction, and as of November, was right on track to complete his court-mandated rehab.

2. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Arrest

Picture by: Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News<

The year started off quietly for Amanda, who was attending classes at FIDM and living with her parents in California following her months-long stay in psychiatric treatment during 2013. When her conservatorship was lifted, though…all hell broke loose.

The actress was eventually arrested for DUI at the end of September after failing a field sobriety test. After posting $15,000 bail, she returned to her old troubling and erratic behavior, and was even briefly re-committed to a treatment center. However, over the last few weeks, the 28-year-old has remained much more low key and seems to once again be getting the help she needs.

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrest

Picture by: Splash News

This one was a long time coming. Finally at the height of his fame in 2013, the Biebs took a turn for the worst, and couldn’t seem to avoid trouble. In January 2014, he was arrested for DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest in Florida. The case was settled with a plea deal in August.

The trouble didn’t stop there, though. On Sept. 1, he was once again taken into custody, and charged with assault and dangerous driving after his ATV crashed into a minivan and he reportedly got into a physical altercation with the driver.

Also this year, Justin paid $80,000 to his former neighbor for damages he’d inflicted when he egged their home in 2013.