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Kanye West Tweets Anger Over Video Leak

Kanye West

Kanye West’s newborn daughter won’t be able to read for a few years, so he’s still got some time to break out the expletives on Twitter before she can see them for herself. That’s exactly what the rapper did on Tuesday, after the video for his song “Black Skinhead” was leaked on the Internet.

“And to who ever leaked the video… F– YOU!” he tweeted, after going on a rant about the video coming out early. However, his anger is somewhat understandable, since he explained that he’s been working on the video for quite some time, and the one that got out isn’t even the finished version.

“Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens,” he explained, adding that the real, official version should be coming out within the next week. “Allow me and Nick to give the world what we’ve been losing sleep over,” he wrote. Ah, the pity card.

Although Kanye is very focused on his music right now, he’s also reportedly a doting dad to North and boyfriend to Kim Kardashian. Although Kanye’s been out and about quite a few times since the birth, Kim’s been holed up with North, not ready to make a public appearance just yet (but they did attend Bruce Jenner’s 4th of July party)!

Rumor has it that Kris Jenner will debut little Nori when her talk show airs on July 15, but she has yet to confirm or deny those rumors. Oh, you stay coy, Kardashians…


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