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Attention Seeking

Kim Desperate To Renew Vows With Kanye…To One-Up Beyonce!

‘Kanye’s convinced Kim’s only doing this for attention’ Says source.

Kim Kardashian is desperate to renew her vows with hubby Kanye West in 2018 — but for all the wrong reasons!

The reality star has concocted up a secret scheme to relive her wedding day all for the sake of one-upping Beyonce, whose ten-year anniversary with Jay-Z is just around the corner!

Yeezy, however, isn’t happy with his reality star wife’s sneaky plan, and the famous couple are said to be at odd over the whole thing.

“Kanye’s convinced Kim’s only doing this for attention and because she’s gotten wind that Beyonce and Jay-Z are likely to do it for their 10-year anniversary,” says a source.

Unlike Kardashian, the rapper values his privacy and wants them to be “low key and just keep building behind the scenes,” reveals the informant.

Despite her husband’s disapproval, Kimmy’s not backing down. “She’s determined to pursue this life in the showbiz spotlight.”

“Kanye’s refusing to do this and insists he won’t be swayed, which upsets Kim and her mom who says he’s a miserable excuse for a husband.”

The ongoing jealous feud between Bey and Kim has been going on for years now.

Most recently, Kim tried to steal the singer’s spotlight when her twins were born over the summer,

by posting a senseless Instagram post about her new puppies — just hours after Bey’s bombshell baby news was announced!