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End Of An Era!

Inside The Collapse Of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

Ratings are plummeting and Kris Jenner is panicking!

The handwriting is on the wall — and in the lousy ­ratings. After 10 years of fame, ­fortune and inexplicable ­fascination, the shine is ­finally off the ­Kardashians. As their ­popularity plummets, the ­reality ­dynasty is coming apart at the seams: The five sisters are squabbling nonstop, and while matriarch Kris Jenner ­frantically tries to keep her bread-winning brood from deserting a sinking ship, ­insiders say she’s the one who’s about to be thrown  ­overboard.

“If they thought they were bulletproof, they were wrong,” says a source close to the clan. “Things have looked dire for the family in the public eye, and the truth is it’s been even worse behind the scenes. Kris is desperate to hold on to her brand and her power but can’t ­control all the infighting. In fact, if there’s a united front for the girls, it’s that they’ve had it with Kris!”

Kendall Jenner’s recent, ­cringeworthy Pepsi ad was a new high for lows. The young model’s stab at a socially ­conscious message about race and class — handing a cop a can of pop at what appeared to be a Black Lives Matter rally — left her the object of ridicule. While the soda giant pulled the spot and apologized, Kendall, 21, was so humiliated she’s now reportedly seeking someone other than her mother to give her ­guidance! “It was such a debacle, and she blames Kris for not advising her against it,” says the source.

Even more embarrassing for Kris, the person reportedly with an eye on stewarding Kendall’s career — and, perhaps, the careers of the other family members — is Kim Kardashian, 36. “Kris may have been pulling strings behind the scenes, but it’s Kim who will always be the face of the franchise,” says the source. “I believe she’s ready and willing to push Kris aside and assume control of the family.” But first, claims an insider, Kim will have to control her own anger over what she perceives as one-upmanship by sister Khloé Kardashian, 32. “After Kim recently made a big deal of announcing that she wants another baby with hubby Kanye West, it seemed as if less than a second went by before Khloé gave an interview gushing about starting a family with beau Tristan Thompson. Nothing gets Kim hotter than stepping all over her spotlight!”

Then there’s Kylie Jenner, 19 — who seems to be intent on making her own way with as little connection to the family as possible. It’s been announced she’ll be starring in her own series, Life of Kylie, which she promises “will allow me to give [fans] a peek inside all the ­exciting things I’m working on.” As the source points out, “It certainly seems like she’s purposely trying to avoid any mention of her mom or sisters.”

With the clan splintering and her 
leadership being called into question, Kris, 61, appears to be making a 
desperate move to stay in the game as she reportedly pushes for another new series — this one starring her six young grandchildren!

“You’d think Kris could smell the roses and just sit back to enjoy the millions she’s made,” says the source. “Instead, after a decade of what some might call the exploitation of her own children, she’s apparently fine with doing the same to a whole new generation of 
Kardashian kids. She just can’t let go!”