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Under Fire

Howard Stern Slams Ryan Seacrest For Attending Oscars

’I think ‘E’ made a mistake having him on the red carpet’he said.

Howard Stern had a lot to say on his radio show Monday morning following Ryan Seacrests appearance at the Oscars Sunday night.

The Shock Jock admitted to being at the edge of his seat when it came time to watch Seacrest host the Oscars red carpet amid the sexual harassment allegations against him.

“The only thing I wanted to watch was Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet for E!” Stern said. The whole f**king thing was fascinating! I was so f**king excited to see the red carpet, because I didn’t know what Ryan was going to do.”

However, Stern, 64, said he disagreed with E!‘s decision to have Seacrest host.

“I think E! made a mistake having him on the red carpet. But I mean they wanted to stick by their guy. The whole thing is almost comical, because what I love is that they said, ‘Give Ryan Seacrest a chance.’ After all, E! did a thorough investigation of this matter. What are they, the police? E! had a police department?” Stern joked.

Stern questioned why Seacrest’s E! News cohost Giuliana Rancic wasn’t on the red carpet herself getting the celeb interviews herself instead of the controversial star.

“Giuliana sat at a hotel somewhere,” Stern marveled. “It was very odd. Ryan Seacrest could barely get anyone. And when he got someone to talk to him, he put a smile on his face. It looked like the joker. He was so happy when ever someone talked to him.”

“It was fascinating to see who would show up and talk to Ryan Seacrest. And I think only six celebrities showed up and three of them I had never heard of!”

“I can’t figure out. If Ryan Seacrest is somewhat controversial now and can’t get celebrities to come up and talk to him, you know, he didn’t have Jennifer Lawrence, or this one or that one. Why not just have Giuliana Rancic at some other end of the carpet grabbing people where people might be more comfortable? I want to know what was going on.”

While unsure whether Seacrest is guilty of the accusations or not, Stern expressed that “maybe he didn’t’ do anything wrong.”

“It’s funny, I talked to a lot of people. Everyone believes that everyone did something, except for Ryan Seacrest.” “

People are still like not sure. Charlie Rose, they made an accusation right. Five minutes later, everyone was like ‘yeah he looks kind of weird.’ He was gone. Harvey Weinstein, you look at him and you go ‘he did something!’ And so on down the line. But with Ryan Seacrest, it came to a screeching halt. Everyone was like we got to figure this out. Can’t be.”

Seacrest, 43, was accused of sexual harassment by his longtime stylist. He has denied all allegations.