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Falling Star

Inside Chris Soules’ Downward Spiral

From Hollywood stardom to his fatal hit and run.

In the wake of Chris Soules’ recent shocking arrest on a felony charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident near his farm in Iowa — and the possibility that alcohol may have been involved when he rammed his pickup truck into the back of a tractor, killing the driver — there’s been much speculation about Soules’ state of mind since his time in the Hollywood spotlight ended. “Between The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars, Chris obviously got more than just a taste of showbiz,” says a source. “Now that it’s over, he’s back to being a regular farmer again, a regular Joe. I don’t think it’s sitting too well with him; I think it’s put him in a bad way.” Another local source has reported finding “a string of beer cans” all over the farm where Chris works, adding: “I guess [he’s] having trouble out of the limelight.”
But Star can reveal that Chris’ ­demons are rooted in more than just his fleeting TV fame. “Chris was engaged to a wonderful woman named Sheena Schreck, but their seven-year relationship ended when he wouldn’t marry her,” says an insider. “He pushed her away, and it’s haunted­ him big-time.”
Chris and Sheena, both 35, met after they attended Iowa State University. “Sheena’s beautiful and brainy,” says the insider. “She later got her MBA in business administration, went into pharmaceutical sales and even started her own stand-up paddleboard company. She was good for Chris, too; he had a number of alcohol-related run-ins with the law — ­including an OWI [operating a vehicle while impaired] conviction — dating back to when he was a minor, but really seemed to settle down during their time together.”
Unfortunately, says the insider, just months before they were planning to be wed, Chris got cold feet and ended their ­relationship. Sheena eventually moved to Los Angeles and took a management job with a large pharmaceutical firm. “I think Chris went on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor for the fame, rather than to find true love,” the insider adds. “He knows he had the real deal in Sheena and screwed up. I have no doubt he’s been kicking himself over it ever since — and I think that’s contributed to the dark place he’s been in.”