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Warrant Issued For Bachelor's Post Crash Blood Test

Chris Soules flees scene of fatal accident, faces up to 5 years.

Chris Soules

Credit: AKM-GSI

The ongoing investigation into 35-year-old Bachelor star Chris Soules’s involvement in a fatal car accident Monday has taken a dramatic turn as police have obtained a search warrant for the results of his post-crash blood test.

The reality star and Iowa farmer was arrested on a class D felony charge of leaving the scene of a fatal crash. Chris’s truck allegedly hit the back of a tractor sending both vehicles careening off the road and into a ditch and resulting in the death of fellow farmer and Vietnam War veteran, Kenneth Mosher, 66.

Local media obtained audio of the 6-minute 911 call placed by Chris, during which he identified himself, answered the dispatcher’s questions, and followed instructions. After disclosing that he did not know CPR, Chris was heard on the tape asking others at the scene if they knew the lifesaving technique.

After the 911 operator informed Chris that help was on it’s way, the ABC star asked, “Can I, can I call you back really quick?” and abruptly ended the call. In spite of his arrest for allegedly leaving the scene, Chris reportedly remained until after emergency responders arrived. He did however, leave prior to the arrival of the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office. The Des Moines Register reported that Chris left on foot, but later got into a red truck.

Alcohol was reportedly found at the scene. It has yet to be determined to whom it belonged, and whether it played a role in the incident. Five hours after the crash police arrested Chris and booked him into the Buchanan county Jail. After posting a $10,000 bond Tuesday morning he was released. He has surrendered his passport and is wearing an electronic monitor.

Because Chris initially did not come out of his home or allow police to enter until they had obtained and produced an official search warrant, there was a delay of possibly several hours, between the crash and the blood test. This may have an effect on the results.

That may be good news for Chris, who has been in trouble with the law in the past. He was charged three times for underage alcohol possession, and received three citations the following year for fighting and noise, unlawful use of a license, and leaving the scene. Court documents reveal that the last charge was changed to defective brakes. As reported by, in 2005 the former Dancing With The Stars contestant was charged with a DWI and given one year’s probation.

If convicted of the current charge Chris could be facing up to a five year jail sentence. He is due back in court on Tuesday, May 2.