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Unbelievable Audio

Listen To The 911 Call That Sent Cops Hunting Down 'Bachelor' Star Chris Soules

Frantic officer: 'Do we have any available units to see if we could get him?'

Chris Soules had police on his tail after the former Bachelor star bolted from a fatal hit-and-run, according to the 911 call that just surfaced.

During the call an officer reported, “A truck ran into the back of a tractor,” adding, “The tractor is in the ditch. The driver is unconscious in the ditch.”

As Star reported, Chris fled the scene around 8:20 pm after smashing into his neighbor Kenneth Mosher in Iowa on April 24. The 66-year-old was immediately taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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“Someone is starting CPR,” the audio went on at the scene. “It sounded like CPR was started. We’re performing CPR.”

Another official is heard in the background that their suspect “took off north bound in a truck.”

“Do we have available units to see if we could get him?” the cops asked. “I believe the name is Chris Soules. That could be the subject who took off.”

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Star readers know that the shamed reality star, 35, was arrested. According to court documents, alcoholic beverages and a container were discovered at the scene.

“We’re trying to figure out why he left the scene,” a family friend told “This is something he has to share and the rest of us can only speculate. He may have known Kenny was already gone at that point. What was going through his head? It is a bad day.”

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