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Shock Treatment

‘American Idol’ Drama! Producers Keeping Katy ‘On A Short Leash’

‘Bosses have made it clear this isn’t The Katy Show’ says source.

Katy Perry is having to buckle down and tow the line now that she’s signed up for a $45 million American Idol pay check – and bosses are laying down the law in no uncertain terms!

Insiders reveal “Everyone knows that Katy is being paid an extortionate amount for this role, but bosses have made it clear that this isn’t The Katy Show.”

Execs are keeping the songstress on a “short leash” and are said to be “watching her every move” to ensure she doesn’t “turn this into a circus or a plug-fest for her own ventures.”

“They keep reminding her that it’s a family show and she can’t be too sexy,” squealed the snitch.

“This is a big gig even for Katy, but executives are seeing it as a one-year test and they’ll all evaluate whether to move forward after the first season.”

Until that happens, insiders say show execs are telling Perry that she needs to pull her weight. “They don’t want her to start acting like a diva.”

As readers know, the new judge has already been involved in an Idol scandal when she kissed a teenaged contestant, who later said he felt uncomfortable by the unwanted gesture.

Perry’s bold move was not sitting well with viewers.

“It was a forced sexual act,” one viewer posted in reply to American Idol’s tweet: “Imagine if this was from a male judge. Has @katyperry not taken anything from the #metoo movement?”

Ratings have plummeted since Perry joined on as host.

For Monday’s first head-to-head matchup of A.I. against NBC’s The Voice, Idol was crushed by a whopping 34 percent — The Voice managed to garner a 7.5 rating/12 share to American Idol’s 5.6/9.

Perry, 33, was causing concern behind the scenes even before the show began to air.

“Katy Perry has been worse than anyone ever could have imagined on American Idol,” an insider previously said. “Her feedback and interactions with contestants are flat, and at times, very, very awkward.”

“Along with constantly being late, this is not a very good indication of the show’s reboot success,” said the source. “It’s a complete train wreck!”





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