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Dog The Bounty Hunter Helps Tiger Woods’ Ex Score Free Rehab

‘I do believe that there’s hope if we can get her off those drugs.'

Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman dramatically rescued Tiger Woods‘ ex-lover from a Las Vegas sex and drug den — and the TV law enforcer is talking only to All Rise about the shocking moment former stripper Jamie Jungers emerged from the vice hole and how he may have saved her life through rehab.

“She was 88 pounds when we got her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny,” Dog told Dylan Howard in a world exclusive interview.

“She was going to die in the next few weeks … These guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favors for drugs,” he said.

Dog, 65, revealed during the interview that he was able to secure a free stay in rehab for Jungers in hopes of saving her life.

“Beth and I have joined a rehabilitation company and I just talked to the guy who owns it, and he said, ‘Dog, if we could get Jaime to come in, we’ll put her through the rehab for free,’” he said.

As Radar reported, America’s top fugitive hunter was recently tasked with tracking down Jungers after she skipped bail in Kansas.

When he located her after a seven-day search, Jungers, 35, was disheveled, dazed and allegedly in a drug stupor.

Dog alleged Woods’ ex was doing huge amounts of drugs “expecting to die.”

The bounty hunter also said Jaime thanked him for intervening in her desperate situation.

“She started crying and she said to me, the last words were, ‘Dog, thank you for saving my life,” he told All Rise. “I do believe, really, that this time we saved her life.”

“I do believe that there’s hope if we can get her off those drugs, and she can realize this is not the road and everyone doesn’t hate her,” he added.

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