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Ryan Seacrest Got Into A Fight Over A Flirty Encounter With Teen

The incident occurred in 2003.

Ryan Seacrest is a host, a producer and… a predator? Despite his bland, blonde exterior, Star has discovered that the TV vet has a dark side, once getting punched in the face for hitting on a teenager!
The incident occurred in 2003, when the then-American Idol host encountered Jaclyn Smith’s 17-year-old daughter, Spencer, at an L.A. hotspot called White Lotus, where she was hanging with party-boy oil heir Brandon Davis.
Ryan, who was 28 at the time, butted into the conversation to make a move on the high schooler, but Brandon told him to buzz off.
“Scrawny Ryan started putting on this tough-guy act in front of Spencer, [then] a scuffle broke out,” recalls an eyewitness, sniggering that Ryan is exactly as menacing as you’d imagine: “He fights like a sissy, he tried to poke and smack Brandon like a girl. Ryan ended getting popped in the nose!”
Seacrest OUT of this bar!