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Goodbye Kiss?

Melissa McCarthy And Alec Baldwin Lock Lips In ‘SNL’ Spoof

Stars' shocking make out session may spell trouble for White House press secretary.

Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin

Credit: SNL

Audiences were shocked when Melissa McCarthy, who returned as White House press secretary Sean Spicer, planted a big one on Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Rumors that the show had something outrageous in mind began swirling earlier this week when Melissa was spotted in full costume as Sean Spicer, driving down the streets on New York on a motorized podium.

The actress and comedienne reprised her role as the embattled press secretary and also hosted this week’s show. Alec Baldwin, who has said that he may stop portraying the President soon, surprised everyone when he appeared at the end of a sketch involving Melissa as Spicer and SNL cast member Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary.

While the political spoof was hysterically funny as usual, it may result in some serious consequences for Sean Spicer, as there have been whispers all over Washington that President Trump may be poised to replace him with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The press has been giving Sean Spicer a rough time of it lately, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the President.

If the press secretary were let go, it would come on the heels of Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey. Word has it that Donald Trump was none too pleased with the press secretary being portrayed by a woman. It is a safe bet that he’ll be less than thrilled with the sketch’s risqué kissing scene and references to both Sean Spicer’s hiding in the bushes and the insinuation that the President may have asked his staff to lie publicly on his behalf. Is it possible that SNL’s latest sketch seal Sean Spicer’s fate? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.