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'X Factor' Star Bea Miller & 3 Musketeers Gets Kids Talking Again

Watch how this campaign is helping kids #ThrowShine, not shade at their peers.

X Factor Bea Miller 3 Musketeers Throw Shine Campaign Video

Finding the right words or knowing how to start a conversation for young people these days can be stressful.

But thanks to 3 Musketeers partnering with X Factor star Bea Miller, they’ve joined forces to close the communication gap. In their brand new campaign called #ThrowShine, they’ve created a unique video series to show how easy it can be to get kids talking again, encouraging them to share positive messages with each other, not throw shade.

The videos showcase teenagers passing a 3 Musketeers candy bar to one of their pals when the right words are hard to find — whether it’s introducing themselves to a new girl at school or encouraging a frustrated sibling. Each candy bar features a boost-of-confidence message that 3 Musketeers has created to kickstart the conversation. Bea’s voice is featured in each of the videos with a reimagined version of “This Little Light Of Mine.”

We want to hear how you share positivity, so use the hashtag #ThrowShine and tell us your stories.

Visit 3 Musketeers on Facebook to learn more.