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Queen's New Clothes

Don't Stop Her Now! Kate Middleton's Royal Shopping Spree

She's treating herself like a queen!

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Credit: Splash News

New Queen Kate has blown a staggering $1 million on a shop-’til-you-drop spending spree — sparking the first major crisis in her five-year marriage, say palace insiders.

Despite shocking reports the royal family is secretly broke, Kate, 34, has amassed a huge wardrobe of designer outfits and shoes while spending thousands more on hair, makeup, spas and personal shoppers and trainers!

Prince William went berserk when he found out, says a royal source.

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“What were you thinking?” he yelled at his wife after they returned from their trip to Canada last month.

“My grandmother ordered us all to cut back expenses. Elizabeth is going to be furious!”

As GLOBE reported, dying Queen Elizabeth‘s personal $750 million fortune is almost gone, wasted on bailing out her scandal-plagued kids and supporting her horse-racing addiction.

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Although Kate was known for her frugality after she first wed William, the word “budget” is no longer in her vocabulary, says the source.

“Kate’s spending went out of control after the queen revealed she wanted William and Kate to succeed her on the throne over Charles and Camilla!

“Forget her much-publicized bargain store ‘buys.’ All her clothes are now specially made by top designers.

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“It’s nothing for her to change outfits four or five times a day — and each costs thousands, some over $10,000 each!

“She spends $14,000 a week just on hair and makeup, stay-young $500 bee-venom facials, spa pampering, you name it.

“Since George and Charlotte were born, she’s blown $1 million — and William was in the dark until now!”

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Kate tried to defend herself, the source says. Kate told William, “‘We’re not paying for this, your father is!’ But that just got her husband even more incensed,” says the insider.

William’s dad, Prince Charles, doles out almost $5 million a year, split between his sons and Kate. The cash helps pay for their staff, travel costs and official wardrobes.

“The rest they pay for themselves,” says the source. “And while William inherited $15 million from Princess Diana, there’s no way he’s letting Kate squander it!

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“He’s demanded she put the brakes on her shopping NOW — or he’ll close all her charge accounts and make her return what she bought!”

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