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Disgraced Josh Duggar Forced Into Rehab For Sex Addiction—Duggars Finally Admit He's 'Negatively Affected' Them

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and The Duggars Speak At CPAC

Credit: Getty Images

This must be kind of like déjà vu for the disgraced reality star, since this is the second time he’ll be entering this faith-based treatment center (he spent three months there when he was 15 for molesting five underage girls). And the kicker to this facility he’s revisiting: the training program was founded by Dugger family friend, Bill Gothard.

After a report leaked on Josh Duggar allegedly paying a porn star, Danica Dillon, to have ‘scary rough’ sex twice, the Duggars busted a move and forced Josh to check himself into rehab pronto for sex addiction. The family issued a statement on their website, condemning Josh for “bringing great insult to the values we hold dear.”

The 27-year-old former reality star admitted to cheating on his wife and for having a porn addiction on August 20 after the extramarital affair website, Ashley Madison, was hacked and revealed a Joshua J. Duggar on the breached list of transactions, where the lobbyist allegedly dumped $1,000 on the site for secret hookups since 2013.

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And Josh can forget about getting much sympathy from his parents this time around because it seems like the Duggar family is starting to distance themselves from the eldest son after these new allegations. In fact, the Duggars have been rather quiet all-around on the frontier since the breach—staying off-air and laying low on social media—so no one should expect a Duggar special interview anytime soon about forgiving their son this time around? No?

“His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others,” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s statement read.

Now, not only is his family blaming Josh for ruining the family’s main source of income after 19 Kids and Counting was ripped from the TLC network, but his fam might be turning their backs on him if he can’t snap out of it after rehab.


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