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Josh Duggar Was ‘BETROTHED’ To Marry Before Anna—Arkansas Politician Father COVERS UP The Story!

Apparently there’s even more to the sordid Duggar family saga!

According to sources, Josh Duggar was ‘betrothed’ at 14 to the daughter of former Arkansas General Assemblyman Jim Holt. This commitment to marry was made during the same period of time back in 2002 to 2003, when Josh was at the height of his unconscionable behavior of molesting his younger sisters, among other girls. Reportedly, the Duggars and the Holts attended the same church — which is where Jim likely made his deal with the devil, to commit his then 14-year-old daughter, Kaeleigh Holt-Tull, to the troubled boy.

Pictured: Kaeleigh Holt-Tull

Pictured: Kaeleigh Holt-Tull

The prominent politician and his family became close friends with the Duggars – who supported him during his 2004 run for U.S. Senate, even having their eldest son work on the campaign trail with him. When Holt lost the election, he became incensed, refused to believe it was his fault, and started sniffing around for “sin in the camp” to justify his disappointing defeat. That’s when he discovered the Josh Duggar scandal where he molested his own sisters and other young girls. The politician immediately called off the ‘betrothal’ with his daughter.

Pictured: Jim Holt, Kaeleigh's father

Pictured: Jim Holt, Kaeleigh’s father

The pressure of being committed at such a young age may have sent Josh down a very dark and perverted path, but as for Kaeleigh – looks like she got out just in time, went on to marry someone else in 2014, and is now a mom.

When contacted by Star magazine recently, her sister Karessa Holt remained tight-lipped on the matter: “I was instructed not to say anything on the matter. We have not been talking to anyone.”