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So Much For Behind Closed Doors—Josh Duggar's Alleged Ashley Madison Accounts Rock His Scandal Boat Again

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He won’t be carrying this secret to his grave—another Josh Duggar scandal has been ignited, and there’s just no way to pawn this as being part of his poor, misguided teen years.

A recent Ashley Madison hack (a site that allows an easy, undercover transactions for extramarital affairs) revealed multiple accounts in Josh Duggar’s name—but whether this is the former 19 Kids and Counting reality star’s actual accounts is still going ’round and ’round the rumor mill, since anybody can create an account with any email address. So, no proof yet, but there’s some parallel factors that are making people go, “Waaait, a second…”

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First, let’s discuss why this undercover operation went wrong: a security breach by some big-bad hackers (i.e. The Impact Team) nabbed a slew of data—including account names and credit card numbers. So when reports discovered a Joshua J. Duggar on the breached list, with the family’s Fayetteville, Arkansas billing address, the internet started bursting at its seams.

The first account was set up in February 2013, which had profile information like: his birthday listed as February 3, 1988 (exactly one month apart from Josh’s actual birthday—March 3, 1988) and has a political background.

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Josh allegedly was paying for two separate accounts on the site. And here’s why his second account is just as juicy as his first—the second was activated in July 2014, his birthday listed as March 2, 1988, and the billing address was connected to his Oxon Hill, Maryland, address—where he lived with his wife, Anna Duggar, while working as the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. at the time. Since then, the accounts and profiles have been deleted—many are speculating, what’s to hide if it wasn’t really him?

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And this is no cheap service. Josh, 27, reportedly could have dropped $1,000 on his two alleged accounts—which in his profiles, he requested things like: “conventional sex, experimenting with sex toys, one-night stands, open to experimentation, gentleness, good with your hands, sensual massage, extended foreplay/teasing, bubble bath for 2, likes to give oral sex, likes to receive oral sex, someone I can teach, someone who can teach me, kissing, cuddling and hugging, sharing fantasies, sex talk.”

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It’s finally time to ask the question everyone wants to know—how much more can Anna forgive him for? Star reported in June the mother to Josh’s four children already feels stuck in the Duggar PR machine after his molestation scandal that rocked the web earlier this year in May, but two scandals in one year about your husband can’t be easy to swallow

Reps from the Duggar family, TLC nor the Family Research Council has commented on the Ashley Madison accounts yet.


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