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Jessa Duggar's Timeline Of Josh Duggar Events Don't Add Up—Did She Fib?

FOX News' Megyn Kelly Interviews Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Although the Duggar family of 19 Kids And Counting has been under a lot of heat, Jessa Duggar Seewald may have fibbed about the timeline of Josh Duggar events during her interview with Fox News.

The molestation incidents that happened in 2002 and 2003 that Jessa deemed “stupid mistakes,” allegedly occurred before the family’s show aired on television. But new evidence verifies that it took place just as cameras began to roll. Still, Jessa assured the world on The Kelly File that “whenever we started the TV show, the reality show it was five years after all of this…we had dealt with it as a family. We had moved on.”


According to a website created by Josh and Anna Duggar, the family had been filming 14 Children and Pregnant Again the same year that Josh admitted everything to his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. This website revealed “in 2003, the Duggar family was contacted by producers to film their first show with the Discovery Health Channel called, 14 Children and Pregnant Again! After its premiere, the show went on to become the top rated show for the network.“

Jessa’s statements appear to be a little off, since the documentary series first aired in 2004 amidst the immediate aftermath.

From March 2003 to July 2003, the family and police documents both assured that Josh took part in “counseling” and “rehab” in Little Rock, Arkansas after molesting five girls in the Duggar family. This means that Josh could have returned while the show was being filmed.


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