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WTFace! Nicole Kidman Ditched More Than Just Her '90s Curly Hair

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It’s been 25 years since the Aussie actress Nicole Kidman careened onto the big screen in Days of Thunder, but her curly hair isn’t the only thing she’s left in the ’90s.

Australian actress Nicole Kidman during her release of "BMX Bandit" movie in 1990. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty).

Australian actress Nicole Kidman during her release of BMX Bandit movie in 1990. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty).

Despite her denials, the 48-year-old seems to have ditched her old face too. Star consulted with NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, who has not treated the star, to get the scoop on Nic’s possible nips and tucks.


(Art credit: Star magazine; Photo credit: Getty)

6 Fixes Dr. Rowe Guesses Nicole Kidman Has Gone Under The Knife For

Brows slope with age, and Dr. Rowe guesses Nicole has undergone an endoscopic brow lift, created through two to three small incisions in the scalp.

Her taught and lineless forehead is most likely the result of Botox, surmises Dr. Rowe.

Forget a good night’s sleep, Nicole is believed to have had an upper and lower eyelid lift to keep her looking fresh and alert.

Those sharp cheekbones? Fat grafting, deduces Dr. Rowe: “It involves injecting her own fat into her cheeks to keep them perky and give more fullness.”

Lips lose volume over time—but Nicole’s plump pout suggests she’s had fillers.

In addition to a face-lift (or two!) Star’s expert believes Nicole has had a neck lift to stave off the dreaded “turkey waddle.”


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