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Did Demi Lovato Rip Off Katy Perry & Jessie J In Her New Single 'Cool For The Summer'?

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Ripped off?

Not according to Demi Lovato. Her new single “Cool For The Summer,” which was leaked online on Tuesday, has fans going crazy. But not for the right reasons. Many have taken to Twitter to express their accuse of Demi ripping off not just fellow artist Katy Perry‘s 2008 hit “I Kissed A Girl,” but Jessie J‘s 2011 hit “Domino,” too.

“Cool For The Summer” celebrates lesbian experimentation; as does “I Kissed A Girl.” In Demi’s song, which went live on iTunes on Wednesday, drops lines like “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite,” …sound familiar? Katy also had a thing for cherries—cherry Chapstick, that is. Take a listen here: Demi has lashed out at critics, defending her summer anthem. When Entertainment Tonight tweeted that fans were accusing her of ripping off Katy and Jessie, she replied, “Sounds nothing like it and with all the advances we’ve made in the LGBT community…” and “I think more than one female artist can kiss a girl and like it…[wink face]”

And regardless of the haters, Demi is still happy with her new song, and her upcoming album. “For this album, I’m making music that feels right to me,” she told MTV News on June 5. “This time around, I was able to explore different sounds, and hone in on something that I’m really proud of. I’m inspired by something every day so those experiences will definitely be reflected on my next album.”

Since the song’s release on July 1, it has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, so it seems like fans are loving it, no matter what it reminds them of. She also performed her new single in New York City, wearing high waisted shorts, a some sort of strappy bra, with over-the-knee fishnet heel-boots.

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Demi Lovato performs her new single ‘Cool For The Summer’ in NYC on July 1

The singer has admitted to past problems with substance abuse and eating disorders, and has been diagnosed as bipolar. And in March, Star reported that Demi celebrated her 3 years of sobriety with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who she credits to saving her life.

So, thoughts—does it sound the same? Or is this your new summer anthem?