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Kourtney Kardashian Kicking Scott Disick Out, Despite Baby No. 4 On The Way

Exclusive kourtney kardashian seen out and about in the hamptons ny

Credit: XactpiX/Splash News

Kourtney is devastated after finding out about boyfriend Scott Disick‘s cheating betrayal—with photos as proof.

But OK! magazine has learned that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant yet again, which goes to show that despite Scott’s party animal instinct over the years, she hasn’t stopped procreating with him.

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“She’s apparently about eight weeks along,” a friend reveals to OK!, “and when she told Scott, he hit the roof.” And Scott’s reaction was exactly as many imagined. Everyone remembers Kourtney telling Scott about expecting their third child, right? For a refresher, watch it below.

So it’s no surprise to fans that Kourtney’s fourth baby announcement sent him over the edge.

But romance in their relationship has been fading over time. The insider says one of the reasons Scott was so shocked about Kourtney’s pregnancy is that, for years, they’ve been intimate only sporadically. (It’s no secret that they’ve long slept in separate bedrooms.) “They barely have sex, and on the very rare occasions they do, she gets pregnant,” the insider says.

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“It’s like he’s come completely undone,” says another insider. “The only way he knows how to handle difficult situations is by boozing. He is a mess.”

Photo by Brian Prahl/Splash News

Photo by Brian Prahl/Splash News

But after his recent cheating being caught on camera in New York City, the 32-year-old reality star could’ve pulled Kourtney’s last straw. “He was completely out of control, doing cocaine and taking Quaaludes,” a source reports, which resulted in Scott jumping in bed  with “a hot young 21-year-old girl” at the Trump SoHo in downtown Manhattan. This was all happening while Kourtney sat at home with their three kids (all under the age of 6).

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“She heard that Scott told [the girl] that he loved her,” the friend says. “Kourtney can take a lot, but to have your man tell another woman he loves her is the ultimate betrayal. She’s so devastated, she’s kicking him out.” She even posted an inspirational Instagram quote at around the same time she gave Scott papers.

“She’s done with him for good. She is not taking him back this time,” adds the insider, who also says despite the fourth baby on the way, that won’t deter her for letting him go.

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Photo by: MOVI Inc./Splash News

Photo by: MOVI Inc/Splash News

“She doesn’t want the kids to see her letting him walk all over her,” dishes the source. “She thinks it sets a terrible example for them.”

Scott put on a good show, but it looks like it’s time for him to take a bow and be on his way!