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'KUWTK' Recap: Scott Disick Says He Can't Do THIS To Kourtney Again

Scott Disick at 1OAK

Credit: Splash News

In the opening scene of this week’s episode, Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian are discussing plastic surgery over lunch, and the fact that they are both thankful it exists – those poor souls of yesterday had to grow old gracefully, but the Lord and Mr. West’s Lady, wholeheartedly agreed on how lucky we are to be to be alive during a time where we – do not. “When did fake boobs start?” Kim K. muses, thoughtfully. Scott isn’t certain, but he’s certain, he does not care. “I don’t know, but thank God! Knock on wood. Saggy old boobs hangin’ to the ground, no thanks, I’ll pass. Keep it movin’ ladies!” Alrighty, then!

A little plastic surgery example ensues, for all the little boys and girls who need a visual. Khloe Kardashian goes in to get her cellulite and stretch marks lasered off, and Kim and Kendall join her in the room, watching the procedure behind safety glasses, while enjoying tea service from a cart rolled in just for them, filled with earl grey and delicious pastries.

Over a number of meals, discussions begin to take place about the fact that Kylie Jenner’s lips are indeed fake (really?), and it’s about time she stopped lying about it. During the ‘big reveal’ pow-wow, Kim, Kendall and Khloe discuss the pivotal fact that this procedure has changed Kylie’s life, on account of how insecure she’s always been about her thin lips. The youngest Jenner gets a chance to come clean at her hair extension launch party, when she’s asked about her plumped up pout, right on camera. She bobs and weaves the question this time, only to be interrogated again during a photo shoot for Remix magazine. Not one to be honest, Tyga’s millionaire, home-owning girlfriend focuses on the six different colors she usually uses to make her lips look the way they do. To her credit, 17-year-old Kylie later reveals that she really does use six different colors, so that is one truth about her lips – just not the truth everyone’s trying to score.

Kylie never does fess up to any of the reporters, but she does finally admit to us, and the camera, that her lips have indeed been filled.

In an effort to liven up her website with fresh and original content, Kim does a top-secret super sexy nude photo shoot in the desert – well, not totally nude – she was wearing a white stripe of paint across her boobs and one down each arm and leg. Stripes never looked so good!

Meanwhile, Scott’s flipping houses as his new project du jour, but when his designer bails on him, Kourtney steps up, and they look at a house to potentially partner up on, given Mason’s mama’s interior design prowess. Unfortunately, Scott thinks Kourtney’s taste is way too expensive and over the top, so he begins to have second thoughts. The Lord solicits a bit of counsel from Khloe about the dilemma, and she convinces him it could be a good idea to go into business with his baby mama, but that he’d have to pay her well, or at the very least, “lick her down there.” Scott tells Khloe that after all those kids came out, the thought of doing that is “kind of weird” and that just talking about it makes him ‘sick to his stomach.’ Later on, Kourtney’s unprofessionalism is the final nail in her own design coffin, when she tries taking meetings with Scott late at night during his chill time, forces him to pull over for yogurt during a rug viewing run, and demands time off to pump her breasts. Mission aborted.

Up next week on KUWTK: Part I in a two-part special about Bruce Jenner, his decision to transition to female, and his emotional discussions about it all, with Kris Jenner and the Kardashian girls.