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Lena Dunham Has A Marilyn Monroe Moment With Her Dress—PHOTOS

Lena dunham in new york 4

There’s that New York gust of wind in action!

Actress and creator of the hit TV show Girls, Lena Dunham, had an unexpected gust that caused her to have a true Marilyn Monroe moment.

A star-struck fan stopped her on one of the New York streets outside a hotel and asked for a selfie together, which Lena smiled and agreed to, but the breeze almost ruined the whole moment. Lena wore a lightweight yellow floral dress that looked like a perfect summer dress, minus the material not being able to withstand the wind.

GSNY / Splash News

Yet the 29-year-old actress held her cool smile for the fan’s camera as she fought to hold down her dress.

GSNY / Splash News

GSNY / Splash News

Star told you that just last month, Lena took another selfie that supported Kim Kardashian‘s Selfish book. The Girls star captioned her Instagram with Kim’s book: “Selfie with selfish #yeahiboughtit (I support experiments in female identity exploration/am a student of pop culture/will not be shamed).”

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And Lena doesn’t only take inspiration, she also gives it out. Taylor Swift even revealed last year that Lena and Lena’s boyfriend Jack Antonoff inspired one of Taylor’s songs on her 1989 album. “Jack sent me this track to this song, just this instrumental track he was working on, and immediately I knew what the song needed to be,” Taylor explained about her bonus track “You Are In Love.” “I wrote it as kind of a commentary on what their relationship has been like and so it’s actually me looking in and going, ‘If this happened and that happened and that happened,’ then that’s how you know you’re in love.'”