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Banned! 'No Kardashian Parking' Signs Appear In Hollywood

Kim Kardashian and family pose at the opening of the new Dash Miami inside access

Credit: Splash

Welp! Looks like someone isn’t a fan of reality TV’s first family.

A street artist by the name of Plastic Jesus decided to protest the Kardashian family and their celebrity by creating “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs and posting them on street poles all throughout Hollywood. reports that the authentic-looking signs easily blend in with actual street signs and the prank has had people fooled since they have been up.

When Jesus was asked what the reason for posting these signs was (sounds funny, we know!), he explained, “I suppose it’s a protest at the obsession with the Kardashians and every kind of move they make.

“Their lunch outings and shopping trips are media events in themselves. What can be fascinating about someone pumping gas?” the English artist added. “People are shutting out real news content.”

Well at least Jesus doesn’t have to worry about Kim Kardashian parking near his signs anytime soon. She, along with husband Kanye West and daughter North West are visiting her ancestoral country of Armenia.

We can’t wait to see her Instagram snapshots of the journey!

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