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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kris Jenner's New Man!

Keeping Up With the Kardashiasn Recap

All the Kardashian family drama over the last year has taken place right in the public eye, so most of us already know about Kris Jenner’s post-divorce boy-toy! But what many of us don’t know, is the how, when and why? On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there were answers aplenty.

Amid all the unconfirmed gossip in the air about Kris’s new beau, Scott Disick is hell bent on finding out the scoop. While chatting with Kendall and Kylie Jenner about his suspicions, the Lord comes up with a plan to swipe the unsuspecting Momager’s phone to see who she’s been sexting. Lo and behold, the truth is revealed — in an x-rated, flirty communique between Momma and a mystery dude named Corey. Minutes later, in walks the lady herself, all guilt and smiles. She swipes the phone out of Scott’s hand, denying everything and claiming Corey is “just a friend.”

Meanwhile, on a trip to San Francisco to meet the Glu team that invented the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App, Kim talks to the head honchos about adding family members to the game, and approves mock-ups of her sisters and mom’s images. Eager to give thanks to the creative bunch who actually work on the app, the demure diva is ushered into a room of cupcake-eating computer geeks, where she is promptly met with thunderous applause, cheers and a few pervy leers.

Back home, Kim’s plan to include her sisters as characters in the game is met with icy indignation. Baby-making sister extraordinaire Kourtney Kardashian is not happy about the way her little sis presented the idea, claiming Kim acted as though she was doing them a favor by using their likeness in her game — and without even offering monetary compensation. The nerve! Referencing Scott’s laughable suggestion to at least buy Kourtney a pair of shoes for her participation, a pissed-off Kim makes no bones about quickly shooting down the offer. “I’m not going to buy her a pair of shoes, I bought her a career!” she quips. Snap!

Finally, after receiving a cease and desist letter from Kourtney, forbidding the video game subject from coming up again, Kim has had enough, and marches right over to confront the eldest Kardashian sister. However, instead of expressing anger, Kim offers her sister a check, and Kourtney suddenly begins to soften, eventually agreeing to lend her likeness to the app, all while maintaining that “it’s not about the money.” Mhmm… sure.

Later, Khloe Kardashian and Scott go to Canada for a Halloween club appearance, where Khloe dresses up in cat ears, a lace mask and tight LBD and Scott dresses as a Sheik. Upon posting a pic of them both in costume to her Instagram and captioning it “Sheik Pussy,” Khloe is virtually attached with accusations of her photo being “inappropriate,” “offensive,” “rude” and “disrespectful.” In a baffling turn, Scott posts the same picture only to receive encouraging and complimentary accolades. “Long live Lord Disick!” one poster even exclaimed. A confused Khloe quickly apologizes to the public and her followers for any offense she may have caused.

Still snooping for info about the elusive cougar-bait Corey, Scott finally gets Kim to reveal that he is actually Justin Bieber’s 33-year-old road manager, who she and Kris met during a trip to Ibiza. Kim also spills steamy info to Khloe and Scott about the nightly moans and (sometimes multiple) groans she hears coming from Kris’s room.

Chatting with Khloe while sporting a geriatric hickey, Kris announces that she’s taking Corey to Lance Bass’ wedding — a gesture her daughter makes clear she does not agree with. KoKo accuses her mom of sending out mixed signals by claiming she’s not dating Corey one minute, yet sporting him out in public the next. Kris is frustrated by the fact that everyone wants answers and titles, and is clearly not feeling the fact that her children won’t permit her to be shifty and evasive about her new beau, calling Kim and Khloe “a bunch of haters.”

Up next week: During a physical, Kris talks about changing Kourtney to the new executor of her will after her divorce and Scott gets another expensive car with no job to pay for it!