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Kris Jenner & Melanie Griffith: Desperate "Ex-Housewives!"

Kris Jenner and Melanie Griffith Desperate Friendship

Only in Hollywood! With her reality TV empire on the verge of crumbling around her, Kris Jenner has formed an unlikely friendship with a 1980s movie star whose career has also seen better days — and who, like Kris, is dealing with a divorce. That moviestar is Melanie Griffith, who garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her starring role in 1988’s Working Girl.

Now, seemingly out of the blue, Melanie has become Kris’ “new BFF,” as the reality diva ecstatically wrote in early December, in the first of numerous Instagram photos they’ve posted together. Since then, Kris and Melanie have hunt out in Aspen and Los Angeles. But aside from commiserating over the breakups of their respective marriages to Bruce Jenner and Antonio Banderas, insiders wonder what’s behind this bizarre pairing of newfound pals!

“I think this friendship is built around mutual goals, plain and simple — but not necessarily good ones,” says a source. “Melanie is hardly a household name anymore. In fact, her star is about to be further eclipsed by her own daughter [Dakota Johnson].”

The insider adds, “I have a feeling Melanie think she can get back into the public eye by hanging with Kris — and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was looking to make the leap into reality TV to kick-start her career again. They could even do a show together!”

Another insider tells Star that’s just what Kris has in mind — though more for her own benefit. “Kris can see the writing on the wall that the Kardashian TV empire is nearing an end,” says the source. “What better way for Kris to keep her profile high — at least in her own mind — than to start a new project with someone like Melanie, who used to be Hollywood royalty?”

A friend of Melanie’s has another concern: Kris never met a party she didn’t like — while Melanie has been sober for five years after three stints in rehab for alcohol and painkillers. “Hopefully, Melanie will keep her distance when Kris jets off to one of her champagne-soaked Vegas bashes,” says the friend. “Melanie has working too hard to get to this healthy point in her life.”


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