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Kris Jenner Loves This Foot Massager So Much She Gifted It to All of Her Daughters

Keep up with Kris and snag this must-have massager!


Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

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How many days a week do we come home and wish we could get a foot massage? Six? Seven? But rubbing our own feet is never as effective as having it done at a spa or nail salon, and significant others, family members and friends aren’t usually jumping at the chance to do it for us.

That’s where the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager comes in. Kris Jenner, the famously non-stop momager, knows what it’s like to be on her feet and on the go all day, every day. That’s why she takes the time to relax with her own truMedic massager. She gifted one to all of her daughters for Valentine’s Day, but loved it so much that she kept one for herself, too!



See it! Check out the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager nearly 50% off!

“I love my @trumedicmassage foot massager!” Jenner raved in an Instagram story. She’s certainly not the only one. Shoppers can’t get enough of this heavenly personal massager, which they can use right in the comfort of their very own home. One said they even canceled an appointment with their foot-and-ankle orthopedic doctor after trying it for the first time! Another, who suffers from painful bunions and arthritis, said this massager brings the relief they’ve been yearning for with just a simple push of a couple of buttons.

To use this massager, we place our feet inside of the designated spots and power the machine on. We can then choose from three pressure levels for our Shiatsu massage, ranging from mild to intense. We can also choose to turn the gentle yet effective heat on to warm up our muscles for added relaxation and relief.

This massager uses rolling foot pressure and air compression to target the kinks in our sore and tired feet. We may come out of it feeling like we just got a deep tissue massage from a professional! Our legs aren’t left out to dry, though. This product comes with air compression sleeves for our calves for an even more spa-like experience!



See it! Check out the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager nearly 50% off!

This massager makes the best gift for not only others, but ourselves. Anyone who’s always on their feet would appreciate coming home to their truMedic at the end of the day. That includes teachers, medical professionals, retail or service workers, parents, athletes and entertainers like the Jenners and Kardashians themselves. Even office workers or remote employees can use this under their desk, making them wish an eight-hour day would last just a little longer.

Seriously, who out there wouldn’t appreciate some stress-relief? Breathing techniques and yoga are nice, but a foot massage is just the best feeling out there. Plus, we can multitask while we use this massager. We can get some reading done, type up a blog post, figure out if Valencia or Ludwig is the best filter for our TBT on Instagram or catch up on our favorite show. Feel free to also do the opposite of multitasking and just sit back and relax into the moment.

The sleek and ergonomic design of this massager was made to “perfectly complement” our feet. This is nothing like those bumpy plastic foot tubs that vibrate a bit and call it a “massage.” We can kick back in high-quality comfort. If Jenner herself is loving it, we know it must be top-notch.



Self-care is all the rage these days, and we hope this trend never, ever dies. If we also put on a clay or sheet mask while using this massager, we think we’ll have the best night ever. Throw a face roller and a bubble bath in there before the night ends and we may just have the best sleep ever, too. The best part? We can do it all over again the next day! No spa or doctor’s appointments necessary.

We’ve needed something like this so badly for longer than we’d care to admit. We can see this making a big difference in our life for a long time. Now is the time to make that difference, while the massager is almost half off its original price. Our feet are practically begging Us!

See it! Check out the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager nearly 50% off!

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