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Demi Moore Healthy and Happy at Last!

Demi Moore Healthy

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A cheating husband, a secret miscarriage, a brutal divorce, struggles with addiction and an eating disorder and even a hospitalization following a near-fatal overdose…just three years ago, Demi Moore’s life was in a tailspin. But you would never know it today.

Strolling through Los Angeles in early December with boyfriend Sean Friday, the mother of three looked healthier — and happier — than she has in years. And, Star has learned, she feels as good as she looks. “Demi is a new woman,” says an insider of the 52-year-old, who has given up booze, Botox and partying till dawn in favor of quiet nights at home, yoga and spending time with her loved ones. “She is so thankful and healthy to be alive. She came close to going right off the edge, so this is everything to her.”

Few believed Demi would recover so quickly from the dangerous addiction issues and crippling insecurity that lead to her hospitalization in 2012. “Semi’s mind was in a really bad place back then,” the insider recalls. As Star revealed at the time, the actress suffered a miscarriage around the same time rumors first started to spread that her husband Ashton Kutcher was cheating on her.

With her marriage and dreams of a new baby crumbling around her, Demi slipped into a self-destructive spiral — which only grew worse after the cheating rumors turned out to be true — and she was forced to file for divorce. “She felt like she had totally failed,” the insider says. “Her self-esteem was completely based on being with Ashton. And the fact that he didn’t stay faithful to her and publicly humiliated her was more than she could deal with.”

Feeling like an”unwanted old lady,” Demi starved herself, overdid the Botox and played out her midlife crisis by going out clubbing with her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis –endangering her relationship with the girls along with her health. “Rumer, Scout and Tallulah eventually grew tired of Demi trying to act like their best friend instead of a mother,” the insider explains. “They were the ones taking phone calls from her at 2 a.m., sobbing over relationship drama or driving her home when she got too wild at a party. The girls put up with it for a long time but finally had to step back.”

Ironically, it was a man even younger than Ashton who helped Demi get out of that bad place. “Sean is responsible for showing her what life should be about,” the source says of the Dead Sara drummer, 28, who’s been dating Demi for more than a year. “She’s no longer so insecure, because he’s always telling her she’s beautiful. It took her awhile to trust that Sean was really into her, but she’s finally got her confidence back.”

At Sean’s urging, Demi has given up her regular Botox injections, stopped counting calories and even let some of her gray grow back. And, much to her daughter’s relief, she’s no longer trying to be their party pal. “She’s dedicated to her girls and being strong for them,” says the insider of Demi — she has been a tremendous support to Tallulah, who spent six weeks in rehab earlier this year. “She loves her life now and loves her family. She never wants to risk losing them again.”


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