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Inside Rob Kardashian's Sad World

Rob Kardashian Hiding Out

Credit: Picture by: Splash News

Khloe Kardashian has a squatter on her property: her shut-in brother Rob!

“Khloe is fed up with Rob and his lazy, mooching ways,” a family friend tattles. “He hasn’t made any attempt at getting work, going to therapy or giving up drugs. In fact, he seems to be getting worse. “Rob goes weeks without leaving Khloe’s house. He orders food, smokes pot and spends hours watching TV and playing video games. He sleeps all day and stays up all night.”

And he’s not helping his big sis out around the house, either. “Exasperated, Khloe gave her maid some time off and told Rob that cleaning would be how he’d pay his way — but he hasn’t lifted a finger,” the spy adds. “Dishes pile up, clothes and trash and food containers are strewn everywhere. The place smells.”

Khloe even tried Kim‘s tough-love approach, giving her brother a Dec. 1 move-out date, but he’s still there. “Khloe has been more than supportive, but her patience has worn thin,” the tipster reveals. “She told her mom that she’ll throw his stuff out of the house if he’s not gone by January.”


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