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Tori Spelling Destroying Her Kids For Ratings

Tori Spelling Kids

Credit: Picture by: Clint Brewer / Splash News

She wants the world to see her as a loving, self-sacrificing mom — but Tori Spelling’s stepson clearly isn’t buying it. Outraged over the way the publicity-hungry star parades his four young half siblings in front of the camera on True Tori, Jack McDermott took to Twitter recently to vent his anger.

“Can’t watch this anymore,” tweeted Jack, whose father, Dean McDermott, left his mom for Tori when he was just 7 years old. “Just cancel True Tori already…The bullsh-t needs 2 stop!” Though Jack recently appeared on and even helped publicize the show — which focuses on the couple’s marital problems, as well as their four kids — insiders say he now feels duped, and seriously regrets his choice.

“Having to hear about my family falling apart every week is torture,” he tweeted, playfully using the Twitter handle “Jack Kardashian.” “For the kids, for me, for this family, end the chaos. #EndTrueTori.”

While Tori described herself on the show’s Nov. 11 episode as Jack’s “cool stepmom,” Jack’s feelings changed drastically once he saw the episode, in which Tori winds up using her stepson’s 16th birthday party as an excuse to meet with his mother for an embarrassing heart-to-heart about Dean’s cheating. “That episode was the last straw for Jack,” an insider says. “She’s just using him and his siblings for ratings.”

Beyond his own hurt feelings, Jack is worried for his younger brothers and sisters, who have been subjected to nonstop filming in their home for weeks. And he isn’t alone. According to the source, the kids often seem upset on the show, particularly 7-year-old Liam, who on one occasion railed at the camera crew, screaming, “Get out of here and go away! I’m going to punch you!”

Yet Tori has done nothing to stop the filming. “Kids speak from the heart,” observes licensed marriage and family therapist Karen Ruskin. “A response threatening physical violence — could it not be more obvious that he is expressing feelings of being caged like an animal?”

As much as Tori may think she needs the income from the show, Ruskin says she should put her children’s needs first. “Its’ completely wrong for a parent to force their child into something they don’t want to do, such as filming a reality show. When you do that, you are teaching them their voice does not count.”

Already, the reality show has had negative effects on the kids — with Liam’s meltdown just one of many unsettling instances to occur, with and without cameras present. “The kids are constantly throwing tantrums and fighting with one another in the house,” the insider adds.

And although Tori may pretend to be concerned, she continues to do nothing about it. Despite protests from both Jack and Dean (who is tiring of being called out on his cheating), Tori continues to exploit her family for ratings. “Tori pretends to have her kids’ best interest sat heart,” the insider says, “but the fact of the matter is that everything she does is for fame and money.”


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