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Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: The Lying Game

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott get some healthy drinks at a local store in Malibu

Credit: Image by © JD/Splash News/Corbis

The photos couldn’t have been more shocking: Tori Spelling’s famously cheating husband Dean McDermott, strolling out of a Los Angeles sex shop in broad daylight, a bag clasped prominently in his hand.

Splashed all over the Internet on Oct. 27, as his wife lay in a hospital bed with a heavily publicized bout of bronchitis, the scandalous shots seemed to represent a whole new low for the notorious bad boy, except for one thing: They weren’t real. Star has learned that Dean’s sexy shopping spree was a complete setup, orchestrated by the couple in order to earn some extra cash — as well as publicity for their reality show True Tori, which is tanking in the rankings.

“Those pictures were one hundred percent staged,” a source tells Star, explaining that since “Tori has hundreds of paparazzi phone numbers on speed dial,” staging the pics was easy. “They figured, given his cheating past, Dean walking out of a sex store was a great way to make some easy money.”

And, Star has learned, it’s not the first time that Tori and Dean have twisted the truth in order to make a quick buck. From using their kids as props for photo ops to inventing scandals to make their lives more “interesting,” the couple has become more increasingly shameless in their desire for fame and money — and it’s getting worse. “They’re more desperate by the minute,” the source says. “They’ve gone so far with their lies that they have no conscience left. If someone paid them a lot of money to make a sex tape, they’d probably do it.”

While Tori frequently complains about being followed around, these complaints are, not surprisingly, insincere. “I busted them doing a setup at the Pierce College pumpkin festival on Oct. 16, 2013,” says an industry insider, who adds that while Tori and Dean acted as though paparazzi had tracked them down and invaded their privacy, “the photographer was actually on the merry-go-round with the family while he took the pics — all so they could make money off of them and look like a happy family.”

Indeed, the pumpkin festival was one of any times the admittedly cash-strapped couple had made profits by staging everything from “candid” photo ops with their adorable kids to holding “charitable” events, such as their much-talked-about 2006 yard sale. “They wanted good press,” explains the insider. “They wanted to look like charitable people. But in reality, they needed money fast.”

Tori and dean may even be lying about their current crisis. For months, rumors have been circulating that Emily Goodhand — the woman whom Dean supposedly cheated with late last year and the reason for True Tori — doesn’t exist. “Where is she? Where are the pictures of her? Why cant you find anything about her on the Web?” the source remarks, echoing numerous celebrity insiders.

Faking a cheating scandal to get a reality show? Tori and Dean have denied the accusations but seem unwilling or unable to disprove them.


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