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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom

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When Linda Eways recently paid a surprise visit to the sprawling home in Wernersville, Pa. that she and her husband, James, rented out to the former reality star Jon Gosselin, she was stunned.

“I showed up to take a look at the house after Jon was supposed to have been entirely moved out, and what I found completely shocked and infuriated me,” Linda tells Star in an exclusive interview. Garbage and other debris were scattered throughout the house, while white walls and doors inside bore damage from Jon’s dog. “I was so frustrated by the entire situation that I had to leave and give him one more day to entirely move.”

Even worse, Jon had left a tiny kitten abandoned in the house. “We called Jon and asked him about the kitten, and he seemed unconcerned, saying it belonged to his ex girlfriend Liz [Janetta], who left in September,” Linda says. “He just left her there. It broke my heart, but we adopted her.”

Jon moved to the home in 2013 when he was working as a waiter at a pub. The location was just 10 minutes away from his ex, Kate, and their eight kids. He rented with an option to eventually buy the $299,000 home, but in May, he was fired after reports that he was “blowing off shifts and coming in late.”

In June, Jon missed a rent payment, finally paying in early July. He missed July and August payments before writing a check for two months’ rent — which later bounced. At the beginning of September, he still hadn’t paid, and was taken to court by the Eways and ordered to cough up $5824.70 in back rent.

On Oct. 12, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star texted the homeowners saying that he was still working on a way to pay back what he owned and that he hoped to still live in the residence. “Jon never came up with the money and was squatting in our home for four months,” Linda dishes. “It’s a shame because we offered to make his payment plan as easy as possible. He would always laugh off any help and tell us that he had plenty of money and didn’t need a mortgage, because he could have easily paid for the house in cash.”

Jon even tried to get the couple to settle for a reduced rent, but they refused. “That wasn’t what we agreed on,” James explains. “We want to eventually be able to sell the property and get it off our hands, and that wasn’t going to happen.”

The eviction marks a new low for Jon, and a source says that he even surrendered the rights to have any say in his kids’ future in exchange for not having to pay child support. “He’s moved into an apartment — but his kids can’t even stay the night because there isn’t enough room,” an insider reveals. “He’s flat broke and has nowhere to turn.”

And, when Star contacted Jon himself, he seemed nonchalant about the eviction. “What [the owners] are saying is not completely true,” he insists. “Now they are in deep trouble. I’ve already filed with the courts. I have nothing more to say about the situation.”

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