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EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey's Darkest & Strangest Secrets!

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She’s been called a diva, eccentric, demanding, over the top…But for those who truly know Mariah Carey, her wacky public persona is just the tip of the iceberg. From days-long, sleepless drinking binges to falling into trances without warning to throwing temper tantrums when her unreasonable request aren’t met, the singer’s behind-the-scenes behavior is far more bizarre than her fans could ever imagine.

As her split from Nick Cannon grows uglier — with numerous rumors circulating about Nick’s alleged cheating — Mariah is becoming more and more erratic. “She is falling apart and totally on the edge emotionally,” a former member of Mariah’s entourage tells Star. “Everyone is deeply concerned for her health.”

In an exclusive interview in this week’s issue of Star, the entourage member, who has known Mariah for years, reveals the out-of-control demands, terrifying mood swings, heavy drinking and other issues that color the pop superstar’s strange private life — and how Nick enabled her from the start.

How is Mariah coping with the split from Nick?

It’s really sad. Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She’s run down and bloated, and she isn’t sleeping. It’s horrific to see her like this, but Mariah wears her heart on her sleeve. People dismiss her as a demanding diva, but that’s not entirely true. She’s crippled with insecurities.

[During the relationship] did Nick ever give her a reality check due to her diva demands?

Not at all. he could fully see what a diva she was being, but he didn’t care. He seemed to get a high from watching Mariah boss people around. During the , Mariah was also acting unstable, and most of us thought Nick would be turned off by that — but he wasn’t. He just stuck around.

How was she acting unstable?

Right when the director yelled, “Cut,” Mariah could barely stand to get out of the pool! She fell into a sort of trance. It was really scary. Nick saw the whole thing and was just standing back, watching.

A trance like this was normal?

Yes. She often goes into trances. She even has special assistants whose job it is to stand behind her, just in case she falls backwards.

Why does she go into these trances?

No one knows for sure, but Mariah will often go two, three, sometimes four days in a row without sleeping. On top of that, she drinks wine or champagne constantly. It’s a recipe for disaster.


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