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Oscar Gossip: Catching Up With the Stars at Elton John's Viewing Party!

Oscars elton party

Credit: (Getty Images)

Thanks to Elton John, celebs who didn’t score an invite to the Academy Awards still had a place to party on Sunday night! Star’s own reporter was on-hand for the 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars Viewing Party, and got the scoop straight from some of the stars in attendance.

Heidi Klum

What is your favorite part about the Oscars?

Heidi Klum: I think I just love the fashion more than anything! It’s so fun to see what everyone is going to come out wearing and I love jut checking everyone out and seeing what they have to work on the red carpet! The Oscars are all about the movies and the fashion, and those are two things that I love. So this is far by far my favorite award show to dress up for!

Why do you love coming to Elton John’s party each year?

Well, first off, Elton is a great friend, so it’s nice to see him and to catch up with all of my friends every year. It’s nice to just have a night to relax and celebrate all that film has brought us. This year has been so incredible when it comes to movies and the talent has just been unreal, so I love coming to Elton’s party and just celebrating all of that.

Who are you most excited to see tonight?

I have so many friends here so I’m really excited! I just saw my friend Kim [Kardashian] so I can’t wait to catch up with her! Kelly Osbourne and her mom and dad are here so I can’t wait to catch up with them, and then, of course, Britney Spears is here so I love getting to talk to her. I just saw her gorgeous boyfriend walk up and he is the cutest ever! I love a good charming man, and he is by far the cutest. And she looks stunning! She always does, but tonight she especially looks incredible. I think I need to do a show in Vegas — it does a body good!

How did you go about picking out this amazing outfit?

It actually was pretty simple surprisingly! I had a few options and this is one of the first I tried on, and I just fell in love with it instantly. I just feel super sexy and I think when you’re comfortable, that’s when you feel sexiest. I knew I needed to bring my A-game to this event because it’s really where people dress to the nines and plan what they’re going to wear for months to come, so this was something I really knew I needed to look great for.

Jane Fonda

How did you decide on an outfit for this event?

Jane Fonda: I didn’t. My stylist did! I tried on a ton of dresses, but they threw this one my way and I just loved it! It is really elegant and simple and I love that. I’ve noticed a lot of people are wearing whites and creams this year, so I feel really good about my decision.

What is your favorite part about the Oscars?

Well, of course, the movies are the main focus…and this year there have been so many great ones. Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave…there are just so many that are so amazing. I love the actors and actresses this year especially because they are all so hard working and really killed themselves for these roles.  Sandra Bullock just dominated her role in Gravity, so that by far deserves a lot of attention. There have been so many great moments in film this year, so I just love being able to give the work the credit it deserves.

What do you love most about Elton John’s party each year?

I love the fact that I get to relax and just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s something that I genuinely love to watch, so being able to come here and see great friends in the industry, eat delicious food and have an all around good time…it’s nothing to complain about! I look forward to this party every year by far. It’s one of the greatest!

Sharon Osbourne

You look incredible! How did you decide on this dress?

Sharon Osbourne: If I’m being perfectly honest with you, my daughter picked it out! She made sure to state her opinion when it came to the original dress I had in mind, so this one was sort of a last minute decision, but I do love it. She always has me looking great at these events.

Does Kelly ever ask your advice, or do you just ask for hers when it comes to dressing up for big events like this?

I don’t necessarily ask for her advice, but she is not afraid to give it! Especially when it comes to big weekends like this, especially for the Oscars. She always wants to make sure that she knows what I’m wearing and I do love to get her approval. I feel more confident.

What is your favorite part about Oscars weekend?

This is really just a wonderful time to enjoy your friends and celebrate the industry’s hard work over the past year. Awards season is always extremely chaotic and hectic, so it’s nice to be able to sit back and relax and take a look at everything that was achieved and really be proud of what Hollywood and these great talents are able to do. It’s just a fantastic year in film!

Kelly Osbourne

What is your all time favorite Oscar moment?

Kelly Osbourne: I would say this year when Jen Lawrence fell out of her car. I mean, that girl cannot seem to stand up straight for the life of her! I just am obsessed with her and I think she is so genuine and hysterical, and I love everything about her. She is such a talent and is so breathtakingly beautiful that when she falls to the ground, it’s just as stunning! She has this way about her that is so elegant, but at the same time, clumsy, so you just instantly feel for her. Between her falling up the stage last year and this year making her grand entrance by doing a face plant, you’ve just got to love her for that!

What did it take to decide on what to wear today?

I had a number of different choices, but ultimately I went with what I was most comfortable in. It’s tough because of the rain, and you really have to take a number of different things into consideration before choosing a dress. I knew it couldn’t be too big because I didn’t want it to be a giant sponge, so I think in the end, my decision was a good one. As for the dress I’m wearing now, I’m obsessed with it. I think it’s just stunning and I think black is definitely something that we’re seeing a lot of on the carpet this year. Between black and white and cream, we’re seeing a lot of the simple, basic colors and I think there is something elegant and fresh about that. Tomorrow’s job on Fashion Police is going to be easy! People looked amazing today!

What do you love most about Elton John’s party every year?

I love spending it with my family. This is definitely a party all of my absolute best friends come to each year and I’ve had so many amazing memories at this event. I love seeing all of my good friends…and my parents are here tonight, which is a lot of fun. I love spending time with them!

Is it fun making this a family affair?

I love being with them! They are probably the coolest parents out there, so to be able to go out on the town with them at events like this is always so much fun and I love it! My dad is a real riot at this party because he and Elton are good friends, so I love watching him have a blast. And my mom runs around like a chicken with her head cut off, gossiping and chatting with anyone and everyone she sees! They both just crack me up and I honestly love to just sit back and watch them interact with people. I just saw my mom get on her knees in front of Heidi Klum — and she was bowing down to her. Like, who does that?

What was your secret to keeping your hair in great shape on the carpet with all that rain?

Hairspray! Lots and lots of hairspray! We were tented, but I was terrified that I was going to have this awful moment of just absolute chaos and that my hair was going to be drenched. I literally think I used close to three bottles of hairspray on my hair. We were talking in between breaks and I wish we could get a number of bottles of hairspray used tonight because I’m pretty sure every woman is probably drenched with hairspray. We don’t do well with rain in LA. You would think there was a tornado or something. We don’t manage very well with this!

Kelly Rowland

How did you pick this dress to wear tonight?

Kelly Rowland: I just put it on and felt absolutely sexy in it! I love how slinky and sleek it is…and black is a big color this year on the carpet. I don’t know if it’s the rain or what, but it really has us all in a depressed mood, I think. It’s pretty funny because I feel like half of us are dressed to go to a funeral in all our black, but I think that’s what the rain does to us! I hate the rain, so I’m just glad we aren’t getting soaked right now. Elton, thank you for planning so well!

Why the Elton John party?

Elton is just a great friend and he is so amazing when it comes to throwing parties! He is a dear, and so passionate about film, so I love that he allows us all to be part of the Oscars and celebrate the movies in such a grand way. I’m just ready to get my dance on and break it down. I have been waiting for this party for a good few months now. I’ve had my dressed picked out for forever, it feels!

Have you seen your friend Beyonce’s baby, Blue, recently? How is she doing?

I have and she is just amazing! She is the sweetest baby and an absolute joy to be with. She is always giggling and laughing and I love that about her. I think she gets it from Jay because he is such a jokester! She is a beautiful baby and I just can’t wait for them to have more. I keep begging them, ‘When are you giving me another?’ I think it will be some time, but they are just loving Blue and really enjoying her. She is such a little fashionista! Jay is going to have his hands full with that one. She is a little icon already — she’s trouble!