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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Her Challenging Year

Joe & Teresa Giudice

It’s been a rough year for Teresa Giudice. The reality star and her husband, Joe, recently pled not guilty to 39 counts of fraud, and are currently awaiting their Feb. 24 trial. If convicted, they could spend up to 50 years in prison.

However, with four young daughters at home, the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple is trying to keep things as normal as possible. Teresa opened up to Star about the difficult situation she’s found herself in.

You are under unimaginable pressure with four kids, a business, a TV show and a criminal investigation. How are you handling everything?

I’m doing what I need to do. I am a mom and a wife, most importantly. I am beyond thrilled that all my brands are doing well. And the show stars again very soon. I just focus on what I need to do and stay positive.

What is a normal day like for you?

I am a regular working mom. I take the kids to school, and then I go to the gym. After that, it’s usually work meetings and emails. I try to be home at 3 or most of the afternoon for my kids and prepare dinner. Joe and I think eating together as a family is important, and we try to do it every night.

Is it hard not to be able to talk about the case and have to hear it discussed so much in public?

It is beyond frustrating, and yet I know one day the truth will come out. But I am really touched by all the support I am getting.

Everyone wants to know how your marriage is holding up.

My marriage is actually stronger. this has made us really focus and be grateful for what we have.

How is Joe handling things?

Joe is always an optimist, but he realizes this is a serious situation. He looks forward to his day in court. He wants to move forward, and his only concern is for our family.

You just celebrated 14 years of marriage. What did you do?

We went to Rao’s restaurant in New York City. We are obviously watching what we spend and realize that money does not matter. What matters is lots and lots of kisses and love.

Do the kids know about the case?

The little ones know nothing. Gia knows a bit. But she is only concerned that we love her, and we always tell her we love her. If she has more questions, I will answer them. I would rather her ask us than hear things from people who do not know us or the situation.

Do you think your life would be very different if you had decided five years ago not to do a reality show?

Had I not done the show, we would be living the same life, but not on camera. The show has given me a platform to launch my business, and that’s been an incredible experience. I love interacting with people. That’s the good part of reality TV — the platform.

Who can you trust right now?

That’s a hard one. Of course, my husband our family and our legal team. I also have a great faith, and that helps a lot.


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