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Q&A: Melissa Gorga Dishes on Her Marriage & New Book

Melissa Gorga

She’s become much more than a Real Housewife! Melissa Gorga’s latest endeavor is a romance-advice book, titled Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage. Star caught up with the reality star to get the scoop on the project, as well as how she keeps things exciting in her marriage to Joe Gorga.

Is there one main theme to your book?

Treat your man like the king, and in return, you will be the queen. I truly believe that.

Some people might find that old-fashioned…

It’s going to be controversial, and I get that. You can still be a successful woman, but when your husband gets home, greet him at the door and make him feel like a man. Maybe you didn’t have time to cook, but you can order Chinese food and put it on a plate.

You say women have more control than they realize.

Women do have a lot of control. Men are simple! They’re visual. They want you to remember why they married you. You need to continue to shave your legs and your armpits! I think women start to slip.

How so?

I’ll hear women who have been through a divorce say, “That’s it. I’m going back to the gym and getting back in shape.” And I’m like, “Why now? Why didn’t you do it for your husband?” That’s my point. Do it now. Control your marriage!

Can you tell us about your 100-date rule?

Go out on 100 dates before you have sex!

Is that how long you waited for Joe?

Listen, I’m not saying it has to be exactly 100 dates, but the longer you wait, the better. It will help you find the men who are serious. The longer they stay, the more serious they are. You can save yourself a lot of tears.

You also say couples should learn how to “fight right.” What does that mean?

It’s different for every couple. Joe and I are very real, so if he is acting like an idiot or if I’m acting like a jerk, I’m going to tell him and he’s going to tell me. We let each other know.

That’s not too honest?

It works for us. And at least there’s going to be some good makeup sex to make it all worthwhile!

There are some embarrassing pictures of a young Melissa in the book. Which is the worst?

There’s one of me in a skintight bodysuit that looks like a Britney Spears outfit! But int he 90’s that’s how everyone was dressing, so that’s how I went out to the clubs with my girlfriends. When I look at that picture now, I cringe!


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