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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 6

Pretty Little Liaras

After last week’s awful episode, I was pretty satisfied with what went down last week. Sure, not many questions were answered, but at least the show wasn’t so COMPLETELY unrealistic that I couldn’t even watch.

Although more extraneous characters reappeared this week, the main story lines of this episode were once again surrounding only the four liars. So, let’s break down what each of them went through.

Hanna PLL

Hanna (Ashley Benson) is under major house arrest after being caught trying to hide a gun at the end of last week’s episode. However, the new detective in town makes it pretty clear that she knows Hanna is trying to cover up for somebody (which is true — Hanna stole the gun from her mom’s closet). Hanna is still convinced her mom, Ashley, killed Detective Wilden (with said gun), and her dad seems to feel the same. Which is a major problem…because the gun he had locked away was missing until Ashley mysteriously showed up at his house one night.

As police are testing whether or not the gun Hanna was burying is the one used to kill Wilden, tension is high in the Marin household. Clearly, Hanna suspects that “A” is setting her parents up, but “A” warns her not to spill the beans, or else he/she will make sure both of her parents get the blame.

The episode deals with a whole lot of back-and-forth between the family, and Hanna overhears a conversation in which Ashley admits to having the gun, but insists that Wilden struck it out of her hand before she used it. In the end, police take Ashley out in handcuffs after a ballistics test proved that the gun in her closet killed Wilden…with her fingerprints all over the bullets.

Aria PLL

Meanwhile, Aria (Lucy Hale) is just trying to be a good friend/big sis by helping her little brother Mike’s pal Connor out with his English paper. Unfortunately, Connor takes Aria’s willingness to tutor him a bit too seriously, and puts the moves on her after their session. Aria pulls away, but that doesn’t stop Connor from telling the whole locker room that they hooked up, severely pissing off her little bro.

But Mike is the least of Aria’s worries. Once she confronts Connor in the locker room, he starts teasing her about her previous relationship with English teacher Mr. Fitz, after which Aria continues to be taunted and called a “slut.”

Although Aria and Ezra haven’t talked in a while, he witnesses some of the incident and tries to comfort his crying ex afterwards, but she wants nothing to do with him. He “doesn’t get to be the one” to make her feel better anymore. Plus, she feels guilty because she knows part of what the guys are saying about her is true.

Aria won’t take comfort from Fitz, but she does finally find some peace with her brother, who tells her he’s sorry and on her side — and he’s going to make  Connor pay. At the end of the episode, we see a figure in a Rosewood Sharks sweatshirt bashing in Connor’s car. Mike? Ezra? We’ll have to wait to find out, but something tells me Aria didn’t exactly have ruining Connor’s car in mind when she wanted Mike to make him regret what he said…

Emily PLL

Emily (Shay Mitchell) is already upset enough that she can’t swim anymore (therefore putting her out of a college scholarship), but her senior year is ruined even more when she finds that Shana is the one who will take her spot on the Rosewood swim team. Right, because it’s definitely normal to transfer mid-senior year just to swim on a better team for half a year.

By the end of the episode, though, Emily has more important things to worry about. She sneaks in a visit to Hanna and insists that she give her the video tape of Ashley running over Detective Wilden with her car to turn into the police. Obviously, Hanna is none-too-thrilled about this idea, considering it will just make her mom look even more guilty, but Emily points out that Shana and Jenna are seen at the end of the video dragging Wilden’s body away. Yep, that means two more suspects for the police.

Emily drops the video footage off at the police station with a note reading: ” Want to find out what happened to Detective Wilden? Watch This.” Oh, will these girls ever learn? First of all, hello — fingerprints. Second of all…was there anyone who didn’t know “A” was going to switch the video out for something else? Come on.

Of course, Emily is called into the police station later that night, and is shown the “video” left anonymously to the police. We see that someone has replaced the note Emily wrote with the same message in a different handwriting. One that conveniently matches Emily’s from a birthday card on her mother’s desk…

In the replacement video, we see a person wearing an Emily mask and red coat, holding up a sign that says “Guilty.” At the end of the episode, we see the same figure in an Emily mask hot-wiring a car. Hmm…where are you off to, “A?”

Spencer PLL

Mona spills the beans that it was Toby who gave “A” her secret RV (lair), and Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) friends are none too happy with her keeping this information from them. Toby stands by his decision to trade in the RV for more information about his mom, but the girls are clearly still upset that possible incriminating evidence against them is now in “A’s” possession.

To try and make it up to her friends, Spencer wants to do some more snooping about the mysterious sorority house phone she found in last week’s episode. The one that Ali was apparently calling over and over while visiting her grandmother. After speaking to the sorority sisters, she learns that their former housemother, Mrs. Grunwald, used to disappear for hours at a time, only to reappear as if she’d never left. Naturally, this leads Spencer to assume that the creepy Mrs. G is somehow connected to Ali.

So, Spencer and Toby take a road trip to find the woman, which leads them to Ravenswood (yep, where the PLL spinoff Ravenswood will take place). After realizing how incredibly creepy the town is, Spencer finds Mrs. Grunwald in a hair salon. She insists she has no idea who Ali is, but her eerie character is definitely haunting. And, of course, Spencer doesn’t believe one word she is saying.

To make things about Ravenswood even more strange, Spencer sees Shana in town, and even spots her driving away in the passenger seat of Jenna’s car! Although…we don’t see Jenna driving. Could it have been someone else behind the wheel? And how is Shana connected to this new town?

Lots of questions to still be answered — we’ll have to wait until next week!


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