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10 Biggest Moments: Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 4

PLL cast

The Twitterverse seems to be fairly pleased with this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, but I once again found things a bit lackluster until Melissa’s major meltdown at the end (see #9). That being said, there were still some major OMG moments…and maybe even a question or two answered?!

Check out our recap of the ten biggest moments from Tuesday’s episode (in chronological order):

1. Ashley dug into a deeper hole


There are two new detectives in town…and they’ve got their eye on the liars and Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) mom, Ashley. As of now, we know that Hanna’s mom was totally in Rosewood the night Detective Wilden was killed, but she’s still denying to Hanna that she had anything to do with it. But Hanna is growing more and more suspicious after her dad’s gun went missing the night her mom went to him for help.

While Hanna’s paying dear ol’ mom a visit at work, the new detectives come along to search through Detective Wilden’s safe deposit box (very convenient that he just happened to use Ashley’s bank, right)? Inside they find a ton of cash, two passports (an American and Canadian) and…what do you know…a gun! Turns out Ashley is basically the only other person who has access to the box as a bank employee, so now she has two guns connected to her name.  Oh boy.

2. Emily’s disappointing doctor’s appointment

Emily Fields PLL

Just like in the Marin household, things over at Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) place aren’t exactly hunky-dory. Her mom is under close watch of Family Services after last week’s debacle, and Emily is not happy about it. She heads over to her doctor for an unexpected visit, where she scolds him for spilling that she took her mom’s pain killers. He’s still suspicious of Emily’s home life, but has even more important news for her — her shoulder is pretty messed up from when Mona hit her with that car.

She’ll need rehab…surgery..the whole nine yards — and even that might not work. It looks like Emily’s dreams of going off to Stanford on a swimming scholarship with her girlfriend Paige are down the toilet now. But let’s remember…”A” totally had Emily’s X-Rays in the last episode — is it possible he/she tampered with them? I wouldn’t put it past the sneaky character!

3. Aria’s awkward run-in

Aria Montgomery PLL

It seemed as though Aria (Lucy Hale) had pretty much forgotten about her failed relationship with Ezra now that she’s got her hot karate teacher, Jake, by her side. Well, that all changes as Aria and Jake are walking through town and Ezra’s son Malcolm runs out of a store to greet her (because, yes, we just let our children run into the streets these days without going after them).

With Ezra and his baby mama Maggie still in the store, Malcolm awkwardly asks Aria why she never comes over anymore. Jake doesn’t pry, but he does question the relationship between Aria and the six-year-old, to which she tells him that he’s just the kid of “one of my teachers.” So she’s totally not ready to tell Jake about her past relationship and all the turmoil it caused. It’s clear she likes him…but the trust isn’t exactly there yet.

Then they have a boring heart-to-heart that I honestly barely paid attention to because I think the fact that Aria is already in another relationship is beyond dumb. Hey, just being honest here.

4. Haleb in relationship trouble?

Caleb & Hanna PLL

Hanna and her boyfriend Caleb are a fan-favorite couple on the show, but things aren’t exactly going smoothly for them at the moment. Caleb is the one who’s really been digging into how Ashley was involved the night of Wilden’s death…and Hanna wants him to butt out! Clearly she’s frustrated that she has no idea what’s going on with her mom, and it seems like she’s taking it out on poor Caleb.

The two have a screaming match, that in the end of, Hanna storms off. Well, it looks like Caleb got to her, because at the end of the episode, she admits to the other liars that she really thinks her mom did kill Wilden. Although, we’re still not sure about that (more on that later).

5. Toby’s mama drama

Toby Cavanaugh PLL

Last we knew, Toby and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) figured out that there’s no way Toby’s mom could’ve successfully committed suicide from the window she jumped out of at Radley — she had to have been pushed. So why does her file say differently?

Spencer does some digging and finds the doctor who Mrs. C. was seeing while at the psych ward, and Toby heads to Upstate New York to find him. During their conversation, Toby realizes that this dude isn’t working at another mental institution — he’s actually living there. He’s clearly not much help when it comes to info about Toby’s mom (he even thinks she’s still alive), but he does make one comment that sticks out to Toby — “Tell her to stay away from that girl.”

Of course, Toby questions what girl the man is talking about, to which he responds “the blonde one,” and proceeds to tell Spencer’s man about the “bad air” blondie has circulating her. Of course, this is an instant red flag…could this guy be talking about Ali? And if so, why is Ali connected to Toby’s mom in any way whatsoever?

Thinking a few weeks back, we saw Ali, in a flashback, trying to come onto Toby in his room, with him becoming uninterested when she talked badly about his sick mom. Could tormenting and possibly torturing Mrs. Cavanaugh at Radley be Ali’s payback for Toby not wanting anything to do with her? Girl is crazy!

6. Emily’s breakdown

Emily Fields PLL

As if Emily’s family isn’t already under enough fire, she, of course, has to go and make it worse. When her parents want to sit down and have a truthful conversation (ya know, about how she actually injured her badly hurt shoulder), she goes off on them in a screaming fit. Of course, she takes this a step too far and storms out of the house, with her parents calling after her…loudly.

Naturally, someone (presumably “A”) is right nearby to call the police about a domestic disturbance, and Family Services shows up to question Emily about the situation. Now, of course, she feels all bad about it and is doing that annoying thing where she furrows her eyebrow. Hey, Emily, maybe if you stopped screaming at your parents this wouldn’t be happening? Just a suggestion.

We’re left hanging about where this situation ends up, but its not lookin’ good for Mr. and Mrs. Fields.

7. Spencer’s set-up

Spencer Hastings PLL

The girls are super suspicious of Spencer’s big sis Melissa after they found a mask-replica of her face at the creepy mask store in last week’s episode (where they also know several masks of Ali were made). Because they also know of Melissa’s connection to Jenna and Shana, who conveniently works in a COSTUME shop (ya know, where they sell masks), Spencer decides to set Melissa up to see what she’ll do when confronted with the mask.

As planned, Melissa gets super nervous and runs off, but Spencer and Aria are hot on her trail. Turns out, she doesn’t go running to Shana, but back to the mask store to collect all the replicas of her face. She then destroys them and throws them into a nearby lake.

Let’s also point out that, once again, all of this is going down in the dark. Will the girls ever learn?

8. Ali flashback!

Ali DiLaurentis PLL

Nothin’ like a good Ali flashback! While Spencer is keeping an eye on Melissa, Aria snoops around the mask shop to see what else she can find. It turns out that there’s still TONS of Ali masks on the shelves, even though the creepy store owner told the girls last week that he destroyed them all.

Aria bumps into the owner and questions him about this, to which he replies that he got rid of all the masks, but still has the castings. Yeah. Okay. Sketchy. Anyway, Aria also asks about Melissa, who had just been in the shop, and the creepy dude admits that she came in after Ali did and asked a lot of questions…but he didn’t tell her nearly as much as he told the girls. He did reveal, though, that, like he did with Emily, the mask of Melissa was made in exchange for information about Ali.

We then get an Ali flashback from this man’s point of view, in which she’s super angry and DEMANDING the money he owes her for letting him use her face as a model. Although he doesn’t have it all just yet, she is angry and gets from him whatever he has to give her, then storms off in the passenger seat of a black car. But who was the driver? Of course…creepy guy couldn’t see. Because, duh.

9. Melissa gives us answers

Melissa Hastings PLL

It’s finally time for Spencer to confront her big sis about her involvement in all of this! While Melissa’s smashing masks, Spencer pulls the sneak attack, and Melissa’s NOT happy. She tells Spencer to stay out of it and warns her that this entire time she’s only been trying to protect her. Wait, so is Melissa not as involved in all of this as we think?! Well, she spills a lot, so let’s break it down:

Melissa admits that she WAS the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train, but she didn’t know that Wilden was going to show up in the same costume. She also reveals that it wasn’t her who drugged Aria and tried to kill Spencer…that was all Wilden, but she did assist Wilden in killing Garrett. Which we kind of already knew.

Spencer’s big sis also touches on the night of the fire, of which she tells Spence that it was actually Wilden who started the blaze…and she, Jenna and Shana had nothing to do with it. At the same time, it wasn’t any of them OR Wilden that pulled the girls out.. it was someone she couldn’t see. Yes, red coat, who we are still left in the dark about.

Lastly, Spencer asks Melissa if she killed Wilden, to which Melissa gives no direct answer. SO now both Ashley and Melissa are suspects in the killing of Wilden? Something tells me it was probably neither of them…this show loves to set us up to think things that aren’t true!

Turns out, though, that Melissa actually ISN’T part of the “A” team, because Aria gets a text that says Spencer’s big sis isn’t “A material.” Melissa’s heading off to San Francisco or London anyway, so is she totally out of the picture for good now?

10. “A’s” next trick

Aria Montgomery PLL

As usual, at the end of the episode, we see a black-gloved hand doing some dirty work. This time, he/she is piecing back together the pieces of the masks Melissa broke and threw into the lake. Seems like an awful lot of work…what could “A” be using them for?! We’ll find out next week, I suppose!


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