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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 5

Pretty Little Liars

Okay, so was it just me, or was last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars just totally uneventful? Sure, some parts were a little creepy and kept us on the edge of our seats, but virtually nothing happened and basically no questions were answered. I can’t even do my normal “10 Shocking Moments” recap because there just weren’t enough of them!

Regardless, here’s a little breakdown of what happened in Tuesday’s episode.

Aria - Pretty Little Liars

I’ll start with Aria (Lucy Hale) because her storyline was so irrelevant it might as well not even have been a part of the episode. So, her mom, Ella has decided to back out of moving to Austria for a year with her new boyfriend, which Aria is none too pleased about. She WANTS her mom to move halfway across the world…and far away from “A,” who seems to be using the girls’ moms as he/she’s latest target. Aria spends the episode convincing her dad and brother that it’s okay if Mom leaves, too.

Oh, and “A” filled Ella’s car with a swarm of bees. So…there was that.

Spencer - Pretty Little Liars

Meanwhile, amidst all of this chaos, the girls still have to apply to college, and since Spencer (Troian Bellisario) got rejected from UPenn (her only choice), her mom hires her an admissions counselor to help out with the process. The dude takes an immediate liking to Emily (Shay Mitchell), who joins in with Spencer on the hunt now that her shoulder is injured and getting a swimming scholarship seems out of the question.

At the same time, the girls are all trying to analyze the phone number Ali’s old parrot from episode 2 kept repeating. Conveniently, one of the colleges (Cicero College) in Spencer’s brochure has the same area code and first three digits. Oh, what a coincidence. Emily, Spencer and college admissions man take a trip to Cicero to “check it out,” and Emily actually starts to like the school, while Spencer is clearly there on a mission.

While Emily is chatting up sorority girls and flirting with her admissions counselor (she fails to admit she is gay, at first), Spencer finds out that the phone number is connected to Greek row, so the girls head to a sorority party. There, Emily finds out that the house used to have a really mean and creepy housemother, which seems irrelevant now, but will obviously come into play at some point in the future.

Spencer is wandering off on her own (because that’s smart), asking anyone and everyone if they recognize Ali. She conveniently stumbles upon a creepy, trap door and wanders inside. Oh…look! A telephone! She calls up Aria from the phone and — what do you know — it’s the same number from the singing parrot! I mean, come on writers, let’s try to make this a little more realistic, at the least. Ugh.

So basically in that entire 40 minute episode, all we figured out is that Ali was calling up somebody hiding out at a creepy room in a sorority house. Not who or why.

Hanna - Pretty Little Liars

Don’t worry — I didn’t forget about Hanna (Ashley Benson)! She’s still convinced that her mom, Ashley, killed Detective Wilden…and it’s starting to freak her out. So she does a little snooping in Mom’s closet and what does she find in her purse…a gun! There’s no way to know for sure if it’s the same gun that killed Wilden, but things are starting to look pretty suspicious (which means, knowing this show, her mom probably had nothing to do with it).

Hanna gets even more suspicious when she hears Ashley getting legal advice from Spencer’s mom on the phone and realizes the situation might be even more grave than she thought. So, she does what any 17-year-old girl would do — takes the gun! And gets her fingerprints all over it! Argh…come on, how can these girls still be so stupid?

Anyway, Hanna somehow just knows EXACTLY where Spencer and Emily are at Cicero and goes to them for help, but they’re both a bit preoccupied, so she runs off into the dark woods, alone, to bury the gun far away from Rosewood. When Spencer and Emily finally realize she could be doing something stupid, they go after her…but it’s too late. They arrive just as cops are handcuffing Hanna and leading her into a police car, which is where the episode ends.

Here’s to hoping things get a little more exciting next week…


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