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The Voice Top 3 Revealed: Parallels to Last Season

The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel

Well, after Tuesday night’s elimination on The Voice, it’s pretty clear that America and I are looking at this show in two different ways. That being said, congratulations to Season 4’s finalists: Michelle Chamuel, from Team Usher, and The Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery from Team Blake Shelton!

Of course, that means Adam Levine and Shakira are left contestant-less, with Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen (read: my  two favorite singers this season) getting eliminated in the semifinals.

After Monday’s performances, it was pretty clear to me that Sasha, Amber and Danielle were the Top 3, but then again, I know how strongly America feels about Michelle. Danielle also seems to be a fan-favorite, so when those two were the first announced as safe, I was pretty prepared for it. I’d come to terms with the fact that only one of my favorite gals would be competing for first place. To say I was stunned when host Carson Daly announced the Swons as the third finalist (and therefore, neither Sasha or Amber) is an extreme understatement!

I like the Swon Brothers as people and as performers…I really do! I just don’t believe wholeheartedly that they are THE voice (I feel the same about Michelle, but that’s besides the point). Both Sasha and Amber have delivered much more powerful performances all season long, and although the Swons did peak at the right time (in the semifinals), they still aren’t on the same caliber as the ladies, to me.

I’ll add, also, that I actually teared up when Amber told Adam, “Thank you for being the one button push that saved my life.” Amazing.

In honor of my two favorite ladies, let’s relive one of my personal favorite moments of the season. Remember, Sasha actually started out on Team Adam, and competed with Amber in the Battle Rounds before she was stolen by Shakira! This performance alone proves that these gals should be in the finals, but I digress. Check it out:

Now that we have our three finalists, can I just point out how similar this season is shaping out to be to Season 3? Once again, Blake has two contestants in the finals, meaning two coaches have no shot at all. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Blake Shelton. A lot. But are people voting for his contestants because of their talent…or because he’s their coach?

Additionally, it seems that this year’s contestants almost mirror those from last year. You’ve got Blake’s teacher’s pet, the pretty girl, Danielle (hello, Cassadee Pope, much)? Then there’s the Swons, the fun guys with great personalities that probably capture America more than their voices (remember Blake’s runner-up Terry McDermott last season)? Finally, we’ve got Michelle, the one who makes nerdy cool, and proves that this show is about the voice, rather than appearances (duh, that’s got CeeLo‘s Season 3 contestant Nicholas David written all over it).

I’m glad to see America is taking this show for what it is and not basing votes on looks, but at the same time, I think two of the best VOICES are also gone after Tuesday’s elimination. So where’s my vote now? Danielle Bradbery, for the win, of course! Unfortunately, most of my predictions have been wrong up to this point…so I’ll just have to be prepared for ANYTHING to happen. Make sure to check back here next week for our Power Rankings and finale recap!