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Angie: The Ring Is OFF!

Angolans Return Home

When Angelina Jolie was spotted back in L.A. on March 27th after a humanitarian trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, she was seen wearing a simple gold band in place of her engagement bauble. Speculation ran rampant that she and A-list finance Brad Pitt had finally taken the plunge and secretly gotten married — but when asked point blank she insisted no secret wedding had taken place.

So why has Angie replaced the ring encrusted with multiple-karat, emerald-cut diamonds — estimated at $500,000 – that Brad gave her last April, with a gold band? Some sources say that Angie simply didn’t want to wear a giant jewel while visiting one of the poorest places in the world.

“Angie thought it was tacky to have such conspicuous when she was visiting a third world country on a charity mission,” explains a friend of the actress. “That’s why she replaced it with the gold band – it’s just more low key.” But Angie is still not wearing the ring despite being back in the U.S., and hasn’t been seen with one since Feb. 14th.

So what gives?

A source close to Angie gives Star a far less noble reason: taste. “Angie really hates that ring,” the friend explains. “It’s so big and gaudy, just not her style at al. She tries to get out of wearing it as much as she can. Angie knows brad spent a lot of time desinging it for her, and she would never hurt his feelings by telling him she isn’t crazy about it. But she really just doesn’t like the ring.

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