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WATCH: Reese Witherspoon Generates Oscar Buzz in Devil's Knot Trailer

The season of Oscar-worthy movies is upon us, and in the new trailer for Devil’s Knot, Reese Witherspoon definitely delivers. In the film, the Academy Award-winning actress plays a grieving mother whose 8-year-old son, along with his two friends, are murdered.

Three teenagers are accused of killing the young boys as part of a satanic ritual, which sparks a controversial trial in Memphis. The film is based on the true story (and book of the same name) of the West Memphis Three, who were (SPOILER ALERT) falsely accused of the murders and sentenced to life in prison in 1993 (they were allowed to walk free in 2011).

However, the film focuses instead of Reese’s character, as well as a private investigator, played by Colin Firth, as they deal with their religious community following the crime. Fun fact: the now 37-year-old actress was actually pregnant while shooting the film, but did a pretty great job at covering up the bump with loose-fitted clothes!


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