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Faith No More!

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Faith Will Never Return To Show After Sex Scandal

Her short-lived appearance on the show was eclipsed by her affair with Jax.

Faith Stowers was never returning to Vanderpump Rules after she became the main storyline for her sexcapdes with Jax Taylor, she told

“I stopped working at SUR a few years ago and I’m not going back,” she said about Lisa Vanderpump‘s West Hollywood restaurant where the hit reality show was filmed.

Despite appearing on the first episode of the new season, Stowers told Radar that she flatly turned down a return to VPR.

“They asked me to film at Jeremy Madix’s birthday party but I politely declined. I didn’t care for me and Jax’s relationship to even surface. When it did it was mayhem .”

The fling was exposed, and Taylor’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright threw a fit, breaking up with her boyfriend and calling out Stowers for the affair.

“That’s not what I wanted my life to be,” Stowers told Radar. “So, I probably should have gone on the show to defend myself.”

James Kennedy admitted that he stole the recording of Taylor from Stowers’ phone and gave it to the girls on the show, a move that extended the drama among the Bravolebrities.

“It sucks. I haven’t been able to go on the show and tell people that it is not true. I don’t like not having a voice,” she lamented.

Stowers’ short-lived appearance on VPR was eclipsed by her affair with Taylor but she said she loved being on show.

“I love Bravo, I love NBC Universal,” she told Radar. “I was excited to bring diversity to the show. I had a military background, I went to film school, I went to middle school in Belgium. I was overshadowed. Everyone else’s story lines were so crazy.”

Stowers told Radar that she wanted to defend herself after Cartwright’s attacks against her.

“I got slut shamed on social media because of what Brittany said about me . I was called a thot, a side chick, it was insane. Thank God I was in the military. That s**t doesn’t faze me.”Stowers says that she would gladly join the cast one last time. “I appreciate Bravo giving me this stage. That’s pretty awesome. I would love, love, love to say a final peace at the reunion.”

And she warned Cartwright that there was more to the story of her affair with Taylor.

“Brittany deserves to hear a few things that she doesn’t even know.”