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Tristan Thompson Dishes On Plans To Propose To Khloe Kardashian

'She’ll be so excited.'

Season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been full of drama, and things only heated up in episode nine when Tristan Thompson revealed his plan to propose to Khloe Kardashian to mama Kris Jenner. Watch the clip above for all the info!

In the KUWTK clip, the 62-year-old is seen Facetiming with Tristan, 27. He asks her for advice because he’s looking to get Khloe, 34, a push present — a gift to commemorate giving birth. Obviously, this scene was filmed before Khloe gave birth in April.

“She wants something where she can pass down from generation to generation,” the NBA player explains. Kris has an idea.

You know Corey [Gamble] bought me for Christmas a couple years ago this really beautiful little diamond ring that’s like you can put it on any finger,” she suggests. But then she realizes it’s a terrible idea to give a woman a ring if it’s not an engagement ring!

No, until you get that really huge diamond that’s gonna go on her ring finger,” she says, laughing.

“Of course, eventually,” Tristan says. So the Toronto native is planning to propose? Kris and Tristan both agree.

I think jewelry’s kind of the safest,” Tristan says, going back to the topic at hand. 

And she’ll be so excited,” the matriarch says before joyfully hanging up. 

Of course, a few weeks later everyone in the family will be a little less joyful. At Star readers know, in the days before Khloe gave birth to True, Tristan was revealed as a cheater. Multiple videos showed him out and about at clubs with women who were definitely not Khloe. For months, she’s been trying to rebuild their relationship and bolster their bond, though it seems she might be finally throwing in the towel.

It’s unknown what present he got her and if he gave it to her at all, given how much their relationship has deteriorated by the time she gave birth.

What push present do you think Tristan should have gotten Khloe? Do you think he will propose? Sound off in the comments!